My take on Pumpple Cake

hehehe the title rhymes. 

So I recently (by recently I mean last year which is not at all recent) went on a magical food adventure to Philadelphia to acquire a Pumpple cake.  “What Is a pumpple cake?” you may ask. “Pumpple isn’t even a real word…she’s making this up.”  Well no, I’m not making it up.  A Pumpple cake is an ingenious idea of culinary deliciousness sold at the Flying Monkey Bakery in Philadelphia (  
A pumpple cake is a cake which is pumpkin pie baked in a chocolate cake topped with an apple pie baked in a vanilla cake. 
Imagethis is not my acutal photo. I was GOING to post one that we took but my old phone says no, it does not want to upload pictures today thank you very much. And for some reason it seems none of our pictures ended up on facebook.
Regardless….We went on a magical food adventure for this pumpple cake and bought a 6 inch cake for $45 (which is hellaciously expensive for a cake but hey yolo? [btw no I do not say yolo for everything since I’m convinced it means “You Only Love Oreos” however in that comment only it means what you think it means]).  Sadly, we were disapointed. The cake and pies themselves were delicious but the buttermilk icing tasted like BUTTERmilk. As in mostly butter and nothing else.  I understand a really thick icing is probably necessary in order to keep the cake from sliding everywhere and collapsing under it’s ginormous weight and I respect that, but it was gross. 
So: solution! While I was on Pinterest last semester I saw where someone had taken two bundt cakes and flipped one on top of the other and made it into a pumpkin cake and I was going through major pumpkin cravings at that point so I was like “that’s awesome.”  And then it hit me. Two cakes. Pumpkin. Apple. PUMPPLE CAKE! but without the need to have gross buttermilk icing. So here is what we (my sister and I) did for Thanksgiving dessert this year.
Pumpkin-ified Pumpple Cake
  • two boxes spice cake mix and stuff to make the mix (or homemade mix your choice)
  • Apple pie filling (I used about half a can of store bought filling cuz I’m lazy)
  • Pumpkin Pie filling (again, half a can of store bought ish)
  • Whipped Cream (A regular container of Cool whip? I think?)
  • Canned pumpkin (not filling, very similar, I think I used like half a can)
  • Vanilla pudding mix
  • Milk if needed

Instead of pumpkin pie filling you CAN use pumpkin mixed with cream cheese or whipped cream which is what I actually did

  1. Make one box of your spice cake mix! Pour about half into a bundt pan and add one of your fillings (I made apple first) in the center of the cake. If your feel super pioneering you can chunk it all in there, however my grandma is allergic to apples so I was trying to keep it all contained and stuff. Imageonce you’ve done that you can pour the rest of the mix on top of itImageBake at whatever temperature the box says to bake at until you can stab it without your stabbing device becoming infected with cake batter. I used the first cake for my base so with the help of my mother I removed it from the pan and then waited for it to cool and flipped it over. To remove from the pan you should wait until it’s not burning hot but still warm and loosen the edges with a thin device (we used an orange peeler) and then flip over and shake. Hopefully it will be neater than our first attempt Image
  2. Make your second cake the same way but with the other filling (pumpkin) in the center. For some reason I have no pictures of this step other than me pouring cake mix into the pan
  3. While the cake is in the oven you can make your pumpkin icing! This is optional as it actual makes the cake look less like a pumpkin but tastes freaking delicious. I made Jello Pudding Icing but in a very ghetto fashion. I mixed the cool whip, half a can of pumpkin, the pudding mix, and probably a dash of milk.  The pumpkin throws off the thickness of the icing so I don’t remember exactly how much milk I used but you want the icing to be about the consistency of pudding. Image
  4. Once you’ve flipped the pumpkin cake out of the pan and everything is cool (refrigerate your icing in the meantime) put the one cake on top of the other Imagethe stem is optional (this is not actually my picture I had no stem)
  5. Icing your cake! My icing was a lovely orange color so it looked like a pumpkin which worked out really well.  You could also use gingerbread pudding mix or pumpkin spice pudding mix if you are making this in the fall when these seasonal flavors are out. Or if you stockpile like my grandmother does Image

The most important thing here is to eat every bit of the icing. And the cake batter. Waste not my readers!!! 

Actually I’m just a child ^_^ I still fight my sister for the right to lick the bowl or the spoon or the beater or what have you.  But really, who doesn’t?Image


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