The Best Use for Alcohol

I know about 90% of the people above the age of 18 will disagree with me on this, but I believe the best use of alcohol is for cooking! That being said, I don’t really drink alot and think beer is grossies >_<.  However, I constantly steal all of the leftover alcohol from places or make my 21 year old friends supply me with alcohol for the sake of cooking ❤

At the end of last semester we threw an alcoholic hot chocolate party at my apartment *throws confetti* 


I make my own hot chocolate mix (by the gallon because it’s that good) and we found out that if you add marshmallow flavored vodka it makes it taste even better! And of course it was required that we top it with rediwhip because I mean really…

We also did our best to make alcoholic marshmallows to go with this marvelous concoction using the recipe from

Our marshmallows weren’t as pretty or as manageable as these but they were delicious non-the-less. My drunk friend (who was drunk by 2 pm before I even got back to the apartment with the marshmallows) couldn’t stop eating them. 


I think this was before they set completely

There are a bajillion different reasons why these probably didn’t turn out quite like they should’ve (chiefly that I didn’t bother beating the egg whites BEFORE adding them and because I don’t actually own a candy thermometer and insist on making candy anyways) however we found the best use for them: FLUFFERNUTTERS

if you don’t know what a fluffernutter is: it’s a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich and if you haven’t had one you’re either allergic to peanuts or didn’t have a childhood. 

yes, baileys marshmallows + peanut butter = om nom nom

*disclaimer* these marshmallows are not supposed to be actually alcoholic. I have my doubts however since you don’t actually cook all of the baileys…but hey what do I know


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