Valentines Shenanigans

Ok so I’m a nut for holidays, as anyone who knows me during the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December should be able to tell you. However I think starting to worry about one holiday before another is over is silly and refuse to walk down the Christmas aisle in stores until at least after Halloween if not until after Thanksgiving.  That being said, I KEEP SEEING VALENTINES THINGS ALL OVER PINTEREST AND I REALLY NEED TO GET MY ACT TOGETHER FOR VDAY SINCE ALL OF MY FRIENDS LIVE A MILLION AND A HALF YEARS AWAY AT DIFFERENT COLLEGES AND SUCH.

that was me yelling at myself, please don’t feel offended. If I don’t yell I’ll forget to do it until too late and then will start finding valentines gifts I meant to get out last year on christmas and such (again).  I WILL get things sent out this year.

And since I just started this blog I feel the need to just organize my thoughts on here. Also because none of my friends know this exists and so hopefully they will never know what I’m doing muahahahahahahaha ^_^

So usually for Valentines day in high school I always gave my friends blue and red chocolate chip cookies and that was that.

I’m not crazy

In one of the Charlie Brown Valentines movies Snoopy wrote a poem which went:

Chocolate Chip Cookies are Red

Chocolate Chip Cookies are Blue

Chocolate Chip Cookies are Sweet

And so are You!

Which I thought was super adorable and henceforth the tradition was born.  My sister and mom still make them (I think) for Valentines day but I don’t have the leisure of the lovely KitchenAid stand mixer whilst I’m at college 😥

So I’m thinking cards this year! I keep seeing cute stuff all over the interwebs and I can’t make up my mind. I already printed a template for Jack Skellington cards because I love love LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas with a firey burning passion

Imagethe template for these are online somewhere they’re ubercute (

But I also saw these valentines fortune cookies and they’re cute too!!!!!


Darn Marth Stewart and her nifty ideas!!!

I’m thinking packaging these for mailing would be awkward though as they don’t really deserve a box but won’t go into an envelope well. Plus I already printed the Skellington Cards.

Of course on the issue of mailing….I’m thinking I could send my friends cupcakes in the mail because you can bake cupcakes in glass jars and stuff. So I need to ascertain their addresses and other important details such as that. And buy jars. And bake cupcakes.

So if I’m mailing stuff to everybody I’d like to mail something to my mom and sister too cuz they will never expect it ^_^ and they love surprises.


I ❤ the dinosaur it screams Tiffy at me (my best friend’s name)

I really want something with mustaches in it to send my sister (long story but she was traumatized by wearing a mustache in a dance she was in and I haven’t let it go yet)

And I really want to think of someone I can send these to \/ \/


cuz that’s just funny.

my inner geek loves these robots Image

and this, though I don’t know that I could generate this myself Image

Nomination for Most Popular Valentines Noms of the Year


Nomination for Most Ridiculously Practical Valentine of the Year


if I received that from anyone except my dentist I think I’d cry

And Then I just really like this because one of my nicknames used to be Reeses Pieces

Image the idea being you fill this with reeses pieces ❤


2 thoughts on “Valentines Shenanigans

  1. Never suspect a thing……. maybe you should remember what you right before you tell me about your blog……..
    Love, your little sister
    P.s. that mustache was very traumatizing……. *shudder*

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