Lazy Day and Asian Dramas

I don’t really have anything too exciting to write at the moment since all I’ve done today is stay in bed REALLY late, walk the dogs, homework, facebook, and watch my latest asian drama. 

However, I know if I don’t remember to write today I won’t remember to keep writing on here despite the fact I posted 3 separate things in a row yesterday. I have the attention span of a goldfish.

So guess what I was doing a minute ago! I’m going to give a shout out to GAIA! Which is a fun game site that is mulitpurposeful and great for anyone who loves anime (or anything really I think they have forums for everything).

Image this is what my avi looks like right now ^_^ Supercute right?

On Gaia ( you can make your own character and dress them up and turn them into elves and whatnot (mine is an elf right now hence she’s purple) and you can either do puzzles, or hang out in the forums talking with people and….stuff, or play ZOMG which is a fun little online game you can play with your friends and run around and kill appliances which have come to life and whatnot. 

Or if you want to just make an avi and dress him/her up and don’t want to have to earn gold to buy sweet clothes and hairstyles you can go on Elouai ( and select the Gaia doll maker and just dress up a doll there. I have spent hours playing with the candybar doll makers on Elouai I don’t know why it’s so fun but it is :D.

If you’re looking for another geeky otaku-type thing to do on the other hand there is TV!

My inner otaku wants me to tell you all to go watch Princess Jellyfish even though all of the episodes haven’t been subbed in English yet



Princess Jellyfish is about a girl who LOVES jellyfish and lives in a house full of otaku women who are scared of society and especially the stylish.  This girl happens to meet a transvestite who befriends her against her will and they do zany things together.  It’s like most other girl-oriented manga I’ve read except insert that the female characters are the ones passing out from seeing guys and not the other way around as usual. 

What I’m actually watching today is Substitute Princess. Asian dramas are another of my bad habits.  I know they’re ridiculous and have the silliest plot twists or plot lines sometimes but they’re just SO ADDICTING and then they leave me in tears in some awkwardly public place (usually surrounded by guys since I’m an engineering student and the guys just don’t understand and all make fun of me) but I just can’t stop watching them! 


This one is basically a Prince and the Pauper tale and I can’t say anything detailed about what happens because I think you should all watch it but it looks good so far! I’ve gotten through 3 episodes so far on which basically just streams hulu videos since my normal drama channel (mysoju) is down for the count right now. But I keep having to stop in between episodes to do homework which I promised myself I would do today -_- silly me trying to be pioneering and double major in math. 

So I’m going to go make some tea now in my supercute cup Tiffy gave me for christmas ^_^ 


It changes color when coffee or tea is put in it! 😀 ^_^ eeeeeeeee *jumps around*




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