Snow Day!!!

A miraculous thing happened last Friday. Atmospheric water vapor froze into ice crystals and fell in light white flakes and proceeded to lay on the ground as a white layer. that’s right people. Snow.

Henceforth, once I was out of class my roommate Stephen came to campus and we went to play! (And boyfriend Matt followed us like a stalking stalker face >_<)


My main goal this year in the snow is that I would REALLLLYYYY like to make a miniature snowman army like I keep seeing pictures of. I think they’re so kawaii (kawaii=cute) especially when they have angry faces and such. I made one miniature snowman on a ledge near one of the school buildings


but he’s nothing to compare to THIS

Image they are actually protesting something I think but I’m not sure. Mine had a spear but he had no face 😦 we couldn’t find stuff to make him one.

On the other hand my sister and our neighbors built a snow pirate named Captain and his snow wench Pumpkin last time it snowed. I am so proud of them. I’ll have to solicit a picture to post online.

If I don’t get the chance to build my snow army (or even if I do perhaps) I will have to compensate by baking these SNOWMAN COOKIES

Image cuz that’s like the next best thing right?

Image and look these ones even have tophats ^_^








Just some more snow day pictures 😀

And may the odds be ever in your favor


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