I Am a Superstar!

Soooo I totally missed yesterday. I know, for shame on me. I’m a terrible person. I know

But on the other hand, I did not get online at all yesterday (unless you count still being on at 1 in the morning) except on my phone and that was mostly Pinterest. YES it is possible to go a whole day without the interwebs…somehow.

And the reason I was not online *drumroll* is that I was being in a cooking show!

One of my friends has an online cooking show called The Cooking Dojo which everyone should go watch because it’s pretty fun.  His cooking show is anime oriented and the more people watch his videos the more money he makes! which then leads him to be able to afford to buy ingredients for more food which means he can feed me more often >_<

ImageI’m the one in orange and black with the brown hair ^_^

This is a new photo somebody drew the other day which I think is super cute!!!

here’s the facebook page for the cooking dojo (http://www.facebook.com/TheCookingDojo)

and here’s the blip page (http://blip.tv/ChefJ)

I think the videos are uploaded to YouTube as well but don’t quote me on that. 

I will post the videos we filmed yesterday when they’re up! Provided I don’t look ridiculous in which case I will tell you to never look at them ever 😛 (just kidding…I always look gorgeous) but if you just MUST see the amazingness of myself before then I am in the gingerbread cookie and yakiniku videos. You might would want to watch the episodes kind of in order since there is a story line. 

In other news here’s a ridiculously cute monster which I would like to hug



I’m totally in class right now and not paying attention since my teacher is doing some strange business simulation thing. And failing since his computer doesn’t want to open his video *ahem* sorry I mean he’s having “technical difficulties.”  

My pseudo-roommate Sir Nicholas and I went to Rostov’s and bought tea today! We are moving up in the world, becoming high society, drinking tea made from loose leaves. Whatever will happen next? We also have fancy sophisticated words on our fridge now! My apartment is becoming fancy ^_^ [back story: when we first got an apartment my friend Liz brought us a huge container of magnetic words and I added a bunch that are leftover from a game].

Image See the words and the magical rainbow bear and America the elf

ImageAnd here’s a happy hamburger! Enjoy!




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