Cute and Delicious Food

I’ve already posted pictures of my color-changing tea cup, and I’ll add a picture now of my tea-infuser-diver Jacques. Well today there was a new addition to the family of my cute kitchen-things.



Isn’t it freakin ADORABLE?! And look what it does!


and then this is Matt’s plate with the little x and o written in sriracha ^_^


This is making me incredibly excited. Possibly more excited than my new sandwich cutter which cuts sandwiches into mustaches >_< which I haven’t actually used yet sadly….but I will!

I love cute food!

here’s my tea infuser 😀


And now for some cute bento photos…I aspire to make bentos this cute one day


I tried to make this one once and it didn’t turn out very well sadly




And just saying I really want a mold to make these chocolate nails. I can’t figure out how to get ahold of one


I love making bentos, We can’t find my bento box so I’ve been using a super cute tin lunch box my mom got me a few years ago with skulls all over it (I need to find the Nightmare Before Christmas lunchbox my roommate Alex got me last year) to pack lunch when I get time. When I’m at home I pack my sister’s lunch most of the time either the night before or I take it to her and we have lunch together at her school.  The problem is…she’s super picky. I managed to sneak some spinach leaves into her food (which she saw, but ate anyways) and it was basically the crowning achievement of my life. I will make her eat semi-healthy!!! Even if all she can eat is carrots, cucumbers, cheese, and rice. 😛


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