So I tried to post something yesterday but then I didn’t know what to post and then my computer didn’t want to load word press and then it wouldn’t load the asian drama I’ve been watching and then I did things to it trying to make it load and long story short I shouldn’t be left alone with electronics and things happened.  When I FINALLY got my computer back up in running (it only took like 10 minutes but shhh) I had not only forgotten what I wanted to post I got sucked in to the black hole that is asian dramas and I didn’t escape until last night

sidenote: I’ve been watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop instead of Substitute Princess while I wait for Substitute Princess to be uploaded



I’m not completely out of the black hole yet I already have a bunch more shows lines up to watch over Spring Break ^_^

But I would like to share with you this other AWESOME thing! It’s called map of metal 


one of my friends showed it to me and it made me freakishly happy 😀

I’m stuck on celtic metal right now but all of the playlists so far have been pretty good. It shows the relationships of all of the different types of rock and provides a playlist with music from all of them.  In addition to that there is a little history lesson about the origins of whatever type of rock you’re on.

I ❤ music, all kinds of music not just rock. Just not country most of the time. MUSICCCC


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