I want to go conventioning! More specifically anime conventions (though there was a pretty cool-looking other-type convention in North Carolina I think that I wanted to go to this past year that was supposed to be for inventors or something).  I’ve wanted to go to an anime convention since I was 16 however the one year I had people to go with me (when I was sixteen and they were 18) my mom wouldn’t let me go (cuz they were 18 and mostly guys).  But now my sister is (possibly?) old enough to accompany me! So I want to go soo bad. Hence I’m googling conventions in Va rather than studying like I’m supposed to be >_<.

I highly doubt we’ll make shouboucon in 13 days however it would be awesome if we could due to the fact that it’s in a LIBRARY which is sweet and I could bring back ideas and pictures for our Library which I actively participate in events at.  However, I lack a car right now and the odds of my potentially-soon-to-be car being functioning and mine in that amount of time is ~0.5 or something.  I might could convince my boyfriend to drive us but it still calls for rushing cosplays and such forth (still totally want to).

So the next potention chance I get is in June with AMA which is the one I wanted  to go to with my friends all those years ago. And a good chance I may actually know some people there! Which is kinda cool…even though by know I mean I know who they are but they will probably not recognize me unless I start posting more on facebook and they happen to see my posts between now and then. Though I do have a friend who may be there who DOES know me as he is the chef on the Cooking Dojo which I occasionally make an appearance on :3.  

After that would be Nekocon in November which I also know people at most of the time ^_^

And Ring of Fire Con which is sadly next year but it has an AWESOME NAME hahhhhh

Someone pay for me to go to these things ^_^ and I will be eternally greatful


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