over Spring Break I officially learned how to glitter modge podge clothes. 

ImageI made this vest for my sister out of an old tshirt that didn’t fit anyone and a bunch of glitter and modge podge. And then I used the cutouts from the stencil I made for hers to make myself one!


which I used an actual vesty thing for that my grandmother bought as a potential art smock for herself (though she is a size Yoda and it would not have fit her at all). I found it whilst distributing all of the clothing she has so lovingly bought but never given to us and instead placed in 900 million totes stacked all over the house. 


But yeah…according to the wide world of the interwebs the way to glitter modge podge ify a shirt (as I did it anyway…there is likely more than one way) is to mix 1 part modge podge with 1 part glitter and use a sticker stencil to deposit your magical concoction then let it dry and pull up the stencil. I don’t know that I actually used those measurements as I just dumped a ton of super find marth stewart glitter into a cup full of modge podge and had at it. However, mine seems to have worked out spectaculously. Which I have just discovered that spectaculously is not a word? According to spell check anyways. Or I spelled it wrong and it has no idea what I’m trying to say. Who knows. THE AMOUNT OF SPELL CHECK IS WAY TOO HIGH

It’s lovely outside today btw. I don’t know why I’m here posting this stuff instead of outside. I also don’t know what this guy across from me is doing. He came in and was looking around like he was looking for someone, then came and sat in my little section of spinny chairs (even though there are an abundance of other sections of seats open…though I do understand that none of them are spinny chairs).  Then he got up and got a napkin and then walked across the building towards the bathroom then stopped (I assumed to throw away the napkin because if he didn’t see the hidden Starbucks counter trashcan there is no non-recycling trashcan until the other side of the building) but then he came back and used the napkin to clean off his laptop screen. Then moved his laptop to another table which is big and almost sat there. Then moved back to where he was. A few minutes later the girl who had laid claim to the big table prior to his arrival returned. He looked over at her and commented “I think you have the best seat in the house,” to which she replied “You can sit over here if you want.”  There were a few more lines of awkward conversation followed by him moving his stuff to that table and preoccupying himself with his laptop once again. Why this happened is a mystery to me. 

And after another short story about the politest sketchy person I have ever met in Richmond I shall be on my way.

So the other night I was taking my two dogs, Hachi and Teddy, for their nightly constitutional around the block so they could do their business before Matt and I went to bed.  Keep in mind, this was probably around 1 or 2 in the morning–late enough for there to be a minimal amount of people about but early enough the bars were still open.  As a woman it is probably not advisable for me to be roaming the streets of Richmond at night, especially not after all of the wanton violence and robbery that took place last semester in the surrounding area, however Hachi is a sizable dog and apparently she “looks scary” to all who might would threaten me so I hardly feel in danger while walking them at night.  This particular night was similar to all the others, We jogged about a block before the dogs started to get too distracted by smells of other animals to maintain a steady pace and then we devolved to meandering along the trail of trees and bushes which led to the grassy strip the dogs tended to favor for doing their business. Once that was taken care of I crossed the street to the nearest trashcan to dispose of anything unnameable and disgusting and then resume our leisurely walk back to the apartment. As I made the last turn the puppies became interested in a tree on the left side of the sidewalk so I was hanging back and waiting for them when a running man came into view.  As you can imagine, a young man running down the streets of Richmond at 1 or 2 in the morning does not inspire images of lawful doings into anyone’s mind (or at least not most anyone).  However, realizing he might spook the dogs he very politely nodded his head to me before he got close and called “Excuse me maam, I’m going to be running by I don’t want your dogs to get spooked. How are you tonight maam?” and then ran on by.  This is probably the politest I have ever seen someone sketchily run down the street in my life. I would like to add that it was very obvious upon observation that this young man was not out for the pleasure of taking a run as many Richmonders do (albeit usually in the morning).  This young man was performing the awkward run of one whose pants are too loose and who is lacking a belt due to the fashion of letting one’s pants sag a bit so as to seem ‘cool.’  I can only wonder as to the purpose of his running, and be grateful that the dogs did not decide it was a good plan to chase him. 

And with that I bid you adieu.  If you happen to know of this young man I would be extremely curious to know where he was hurrying to at that hour of the night/morning. 


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