Awesome Present Idea!

So, thanks to Pinterest (which I have an unhealthy obsession with) I just thought of a super cool idea for a present for my mom for some holiday or another. I could make her a dictionary. Of just random definitions. Maybe even with pictures idk yet. I just need to think of a bunch of words and definitions and remember them.

I’m pretty sure Urban Dictionary will help me with finding fun words and definitions, but I want them to at least vaguely make sense for my family. I’ve been doing pretty good at awesome presents lately which have sentimental value and I don’t want to break my streak ^_^.  Last year my sister and I (which means mainly me) put together a book of motivational quotes/life advice with pictures of us and our friends and family that were relevant to the blurbs they went with and had it professionally bound. Sometime before that when I was still in Girl Scouts we did a Mother’s Day bag which had random things in it and a list to explain everything like “a piece of rope in case you reach the end of yours” etc. etc. So I’m thinking a personalize dictionary would be awesome!!

So far I know I want to include everyone’s names, huggermugger, Mufasa: (ooh say it again say it again), and I’m playing with using the definition I saw on Pinterest>>> Interesting: Oh God, Oh God we’re all gonna die.

I’ll need to start working on this soonish on top of everything else I’m working on if I want to have it for mothers day. On the bright side since this is typing as long as I am in the appropriate frame of mind I can do this while not paying attention to it since I don’ have to look at the computer to type.

Except for all of the dyslexia I had to correct in that last sentence when I typed it without looking. And the people who all think I was staring at them when really I was just spacing out. Oops!

Peace out peeps!

pepito approves


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