Buttons Rock!

Sooooo I have nothing to say but I really just want to type cuz I feel like I’m accomplishing things when I type. And I realized, it’s sad, but I only really get to type for more than a couple seconds when I’m blogging or typing a really long email.  When I’m on Facebook or normally sending emails they’re only a few sentences (if that) long so there’s not much to say. And since my phone is 100% touchscreen I don’t get to really type on that either. And here’s the thing: I love pressing buttons. You don’t get to press buttons enough anymore because everything is touchscreen and I believe that we are depriving today’s children of the joy that is pressing buttons, whether it be a button they are supposed to touch or not. So I have just now in those last couple sentences decided today’s topic will involve buttons! 




if you follow the above link, basically you press a bunch of buttons and put in some information and the website tells you it thinks your old. Or at least it better, since the result I got was 38 and I’m only 20. What it is is a study by Harvard where they try to guess your age based on the time it takes you to press the dots or something. You can try it if you want but I much prefer the Big Red Button Game http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=9644

I spent hours playing this when I was in Middle School :D. Ahh childhood. But I played it today and it’s still AWESOME. My sister just texted me and now I want a chai latte….don’t ask how this logic works.

Or do ask :). Because I don’t have much more to say on buttons other than there used to be a green button game as well but the button was square and not as much fun. But I played it anyways. Yay Buttons

So the reason my sister reminds me of chai lattes is because her last text before the one I just received is “lol don’t die” which I know with most people wouldn’t make you think of chai lattes but I’m a woman and I make weird connections. Also, it was in response to me explaining to her that today I went to Starbucks and bought a venti (large) dirty chai (chai with espresso shots in it) latte thinking I was going to my microfabrication class at 2. However, I then was checking my email and by some miracle happened to see that I was supposed to be going to induction for a mathematical honor society today which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about and if I hadn’t noticed it on my email I wouldn’t have remembered until 10 minutes before the event, when I would have been already in class and would not have had time to climb the 40 million stairs to the 4th floor of Harris where the induction was taking place. So yay that I noticed. However, The math inductions (I was assuming) would not involve sitting through 50 minutes give or take of a boring lecture (sorry Dr. A. you’re a great teacher but there’s just too much information in that class and it’s not my forte).  So not only did I have to finish the drink before 2 (which I hadn’t been planning on) but I had to be somewhat coherent for the inductions because I would have to MINGLE with people. And to do that I usually need to be able to speak at a speed which is not my normal speed when I even THINK about coffee or caffeine.  The text my sister received was much shorter than that explanation but still, her response was for me not to die (from the caffeination and such) and thankfully I didn’t :D. I even successfully mingled and stuff. However, still extremely hyper. And I’ve spent the last hour or two on slowrobot.com looking at awesomeness and occassionally thinking about working on my lab report which is due Monday. So I’m going back to that now. Yay buttons!


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