The Simple Things

So I just had my 2nd last class of the semester and now I’m hanging out in Starbucks yet again waiting for 5 o’clock to come around so I can head over to my Mathematical Reasoning class. And I know I should be looking at the homework he posted which we are supposed to ask questions about today since it’s not actually supposed to be turned in since this is the last day of this class as well. Buuuttt….it’s not graded so I have no drive to look at it yet. Starting tonight I am going to try and study at least 1 hour every day but I don’t want to right now. And as I was sitting here I saw a sign at Starbucks for new flavors of frappuccinos: Mocha Cookie Crumble and Caramel Ribbon Crunch.  Mocha cookie crumble came out last year (or last semester, not really sure) around exam time so that one’s not new but the caramel one I haven’t heard of before.  So I went to order one and, sadly enough, it doesn’t come out until tomorrow. How DARE they pique my curiosity with all of their advertising and signage and not have the drink yet! And the only reason I finally decided to get up and get in line was for the new drink I hadn’t tasted. But since I was already in line I didn’t want to just be like “oh…okay…bye then…I’m going to go back to sitting like five feet away and not order anything…” so I had to pick a different drink. And you know what, I’m glad I did. Staying true to the drink I was trying to order, I got a mocha frappuccino.  Now I don’t know if any of you know this, but i’ve been getting lattes and chais and such for the past semester/year or so.  All of my highschool career and my freshman year of college I wouldn’t get a hot drink from Starbucks unless you paid me.

One of my friends came by and just started playing footsie with me. I lost all train of thought.

So yeah, I keep trying to double space on here but enter is double space so I like quad-space everything and have to fix it later

So yeah, I got a frapp from Starbucks. and the point of that rambling story is that I had forgotten how delicious and sexy a frappuccino could be! YUMYUMYUMMY

Also, on the topic of things that are awesome that I should never have strayed from: Three Days Grace. I didn’t forget how marvelous they were, but I have been kind of all over the place with the music I’d been listening to lately and I’m definitely now back on a punk rock kick. In fact, my next mix cd shall be named Femme Fatale and be all female singers and I’m trying to make it as rock-ish as possible. 

this is my favorite cartoon about finals lol



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