The Starbucks Secret Menu Undertaking

So I don’t know how many people on the internet know of the Starbucks Secret Menu.

And of the people who have heard of it I don’t know how many have actually read it.

And of the people who have read it I don’t know how many have tried anything off of it.

But we are going to try them all! 

My sister and I are on a mission to try every drink on the Starbucks Secret Menu site by the end of the year when I graduate and we will finish the entire escapade with the drink titled ‘Liquid Cocaine’ which contains 4 shots of espresso and we may literally explode. 

That’s right….we’re risking our lives to report to all of you and future generations on these drinks…you should appreciate us. Alot.

Sooooo here’s the site if you’ve never been here:

and to start with Jessi and I (and my adopted son David) partook of the Black Forest Frappuccino! (


this was a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino with 2 pumps of raspberry syrup instead of vanilla syrup. It basically tasted like a raspberry mocha with oreos in it. YUM!

And later that day (because the $2 receipt thing is going on) we went back for more!


First up: Gingersnap  Frappuccino

I didn’t actually get an individual picture of this because I was DRIVING children to do things (actually to go home from a fun-filled day of shopping with not our money)

The Gingernap Frappuccino was DELICIOUS I was super duper happy with it

It was a chai creme frappuccino with caramel drizzle and java chips and actually tasted like a gingersnap ^_^

And then my sister purchased The Bomb! Frappuccino 

And yes we exploded


all of us accidentally got a mouthful of espresso before we mixed it and let’s just say there was much singing and hoopla on the ride home and a sign made involving sexy males falling from the sky and shown to all the passersby….and leave it there for the sake of the children in my car

The Bomb! Frappuccino was made of heavy whipping cream (not whipped cream) blended with only cream base and ice and 3 pumps of dark caramel sauce in the bottom of the cup, then the blend into the cup and a shot of espresso on top but I think they put 2 since we got a grande. Nuf said. Oh actually, not cuz it was covered with whipped cream and cookie pieces

Next came the Chocolate Chip Brownie Frappuccino and the Gingerbread House Frappuccion from some nice baristas who actually knew of the secret menu


The Gingerbread House Frappuccino

A bastard Child of the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino and maybe a chai frappuccino, this drink is a caramel ribbon crunch frapp with no caramel syrup and instead white mocha syrup and chai syrup (2 pumps each for a grande). Sadly I didn’t like this one as much as the Gingersnap Frappuccino but it was still good.

And the Chocolate Chip Brownie Frappuccino


This drink is a vanilla bean frappuccino with java chips and mocha syrup and is quite yummy

Then on a fun day we happened up the Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino (again with a $2 receipt thingy) 


It was… very caramelly…

a vanilla bean frapp with 2 shots of espresso and topped with caramel drizzle and whipped cream. And they put caramel in our drink as well


Then on the beach trip today we had the fortune to try the Peach Raspberry Crisp Frappucinno

I didn’t even know they had Peach syrup

a vanilla bean frapp with 1.5 shots of peach and 1.5 shots of raspberry

It was yummy and fruity

I will keep you posted as we continue to sample!


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