New Room Makeover

So now that it’s 12:30 in the morning I super want to actually plan my room makeover. I super want to work on it to but stores are not open and hammering this time of the morning might not endear me to my neighbors. That being said I want to plan everything out now!


So I’ve been on a mission for a Totoro bed since last year and I have already ordered and received the padding to make a circular bed following this tutorial ( with just a little adjustment for things like ‘I don’t need a huge bed I can get the foam so much cheaper if I sacrifice a few inches since I’m short anyways’ and ‘I’ll just make regular sheets work’ since I’m too lazy to sew my own and circular sheets are ridiculously expensive.  I had my boyfriend pick up a dark grey blanket and sheets from Ikea the other day so he’s supposed to bring them to me and we can start this project of making a circular bed. Though my friend didn’t leave her box cutter here -_- I’ll have to track her down later! But I have boxes and boxes (really just 3) of foam sitting there waiting for me to make a bed. And then I’ll need to get something white for Totoro’s stomach and black felt and stuff and have to figure out his face. But that is another project


My project the year before last was to make windows to hang on my walls at my old old apartment.  I successfully made 2 for very little money since the huge 2 pane window was on clearance and I have connections at Lowe’s and then my uncle helped me figure out how to make frames for them. Since then one of the frames was damaged (grr stupid molding) somehow or another and I’m figuring out how I want to repurpose the second window (I’m now thinking desk?).  In the meantime I painted my window a nice spring green color to kinda match the Totoro theme and I want to glitter stencil leaves on it. 

So the ingenious thing I thought of today that I want to do is I want to buy two shelf brackets ( but instead of using them as brackets I want to use them as shelves in the corner for my hair products and stuff in the morning.  I also want to paint these green with glitter leaves.  And I want to put them in the corner with a zigzag mirror from Ikea hanging near it (this is also near the closet) and fix my earring holder and potentially also paint that green and hang it on the other wall the shelf is in juxtaposition to.  Then I’ll have a nice little corner for getting ready in the morning and won’t have hair gel and mousse strewn all over the room like I do now.  


Then the next project will be figuring out the bookshelf and craft organization.  I have entirely too many crafts for my own good and I need a place to work on them for the craft show I have coming up in November.  Thinking of crafts it would be lovely to get scarf hooks or a scarf tree or something since I knit so many.  But anywhoo… I don’t know what I want to do for shelves and stuff now I’m trying to picture all of the shelves on the wall that’s left after these other plans but I’m not having much luck.  There’s just so much stuff over there that I’m not sure how much room would be left for other things.  I’d like another bookshelf or something for crafts but I’d also like a desk or something for working on and potentially for a gaming computer since the only way I have access to one of those right now is a desktop or a laptop so old it can’t move (but still plays games better than mine apparently).  I’d like to do something cool over there too. It would be super cool if I could figure out how to make a desk to match the bracket shelves but I don’t think they make anything that looks like the brackets that big.  I might could cut it out of a table if a table had a nice edge if I could get ahold of a table that somebody didn’t want for that cheap.  But that doesn’t seem likely.


I also super want to make my ceiling have stars! I was originally going for glow in the dark stars when I was looking for apartments this year because I was going to share my room and we were going to get bunk beds.  Now I’m thinking it might be cool if I put christmas lights on the ceiling and could maybe cover them with a dark material.  But lights can be expensive and I can’t reach the ceiling.  And I have to figure around the ceiling fan.  But I think it could happen.  If I can get lights (potentially on sale) then I can figure out the night sky effect.  


And somehow or another I need to incorporate the catbus from Totoro in this somehow.  



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