My entire weekend has been about cupcakes 


Cupcakes are beautiful.

So this weekend one of my best friends and the love of my lesbian life came over to make pumpkin everything! Or at least that was the plan, we ended up talking alot and only making half of pumpkin everything. But what we ended up with were pumpkin pie milkshakes, pumpkin chai smoothies, pumpkin food dip stuff, and pumpkin caramel latte cupcake things


aren’t we beautiful?

(btw here’s the cupcake recipe if you want it

apparently the pictures of the cupcakes have vanished…as have most of the cupcakes….into my stomach

So then I clicked on this link that one of my friends posted to facebook. Which came up with something along the lines of “a cupcake is called a cupcake because it is a cake in a cup” which is true, albeit rather obvious.  So…cupcakes

Funny story moment: my friend took a cupcake to her bf however she took one with no icing on it so she could tell him it was a muffin because he likes muffins but not cupcakes which makes no sense.

thinking of cupcakes….

if you are only ever going to make one more cupcake recipe in your life, this is the one you want it to be (unless you’re allergic to chocolate or gluten or something)

and you may ask: “but are they really better than sex?” and all I have to say is…if you’re a woman…then it gives some guys a run for their money. so delicious. especially straight from then oven and drizzled in chocolate.

plot twist: 



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