coffee shop poem

I’m at a coffee shop

I should be blogging 

but i forgot about blogs

for just a little while

there are girls gossiping nearby

one with pretty purple hair

and a guy loudly proclaims that the rapture is not real

and goes on to say more loudly

While others bond and smoke

and a runner takes a break

perhaps finishes the crossword she snagged from inside

Bagels are delivered

Delicious circles of heaven

I only have a few minutes here

But there are minutes all around

The signs advertising bands

Are spattered all over the premises

Where do they come up with these names?

This overhanging tree branch

hides me from the notice of most

While my anonymity hides me from the rest

I must go to class now

Back to my life of schedules and tediousness

But for a moment today

I observed 


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