Decorating the Sex Dungeon

So this may sound awkward for those of you who don’t know me

It may sound awkward for those of you who do know me

Let’s just face it it may sound awkward

But just remember

It’s only awkward if you make it awkward

So the thing is we have named my roommates room ‘The Sex Dungeon’ and have been attempting to cover most of his floor in mattresses which we are so far succeeding at doing (we have three mattresses and foam to fill in gaps) but it’s about time to decorate for Christmas (by that I mean past time but I just finished exams) and so I want to decorate the sex dungeon (cuz I want to have people over to the apartment and I feel like the sex dungeon needs to be complete) so I’m looking for good ideas and I’m going to keep track of them here

So I want to buy fake hand cuffs and christmas garlands and combine them in a way

Brick Walls

  • Give an ordinary room a coating of temporary “brick” wall using thin sheet polystyrene (about a quarter inch thick) and cut brick-sized rectangles (about two inches by four inches). Paint these gray (or use a craft stone texture spray) and arrange them temporarily on a wall using office tack or glue them to large sheets of cardboard or paper before hanging. Arrange the “bricks” in a staggered configuration; they will look like the edges of full bricks protruding from mortar work.

That sounds cool and would be not very permanent which is always a plus since we live in an apartment though it could be quite a bit of work. would still be worth it. yay ehow


Another thought I like is bondage type pictures. I think we could maybe do something like this ^^ which was hijacked from  by finding a picture at a thrift store or something and sewing it’s lips shut.

But I was also thinking I could paint or draw something or at least someone could. something like could look really cool I think


And now I’m in the process of bidding on awkward things on ebay.

I’ll probably try and thing of some more things as I go. wish me luck!


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