BETTY! – Adventure Time With Finn & Jake Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Episodes (Includes Pilot) – Season 5 – Ep.24b – Betty Added (Replaced with better quality version + HD WEB-DL added!) – 2-25-2014

Nwii KYA mm's space


The Temporary upload has now been replaced with an better quality version!
Yes! Also this marks the first HD upload that’s not an HDTV rip but an WEB-DL rip of
the episode! =D

Plus this is great because, sometime recently without even my knowledge, Mediafire
has removed the File Size restriction so I can upload beyond 200mb hehe!

Anyways I hope y’all enjoy the new episode well!
Thanks and see y’all later!

Also of note:
I have added the Adventure Time intro to the HD version of the episode! Don’t worry, no quality was loss as I didn’t have to re-encode and I got the intro by the same user who encoded the WEB-DLs, BS! =D

Download The Latest episode – Season 5 Ep.24b – Betty – here or scroll down to season 5 section:
alt: AT – 524b
HD (MKV): [alt: AT – 524b(HD)]


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