Sweet Dreams are Made of Cookies

I want to open a bakery cafe thing.

I have wanted to do this for awhile, but I also like engineering things…but I’m so tired of engineering and maths from being in school…so…engineering becomes my hobby?  Iono

I knooowww running a restaraunty business is supposed to be super hard and complicated and mainly because you don’t usually make enough money to cover costs of existing, but it has to be possible since shops are out there that do it right?

Ideally I’d like to be able to open a cafe in Richmond so I wouldn’t have to move but there don’t seem to be any super nice bakery type places for sale.  There’s on in Jackson Ward but that could go either way–the are isn’t the best but it is filled with college students.

On the other hand I did find a super cute little store front in Boston, MA that is for sale for a bit under $150,000 which isn’t bad at all for that type of place.  It’s specced to serve 19 patrons at a time, has display cases for cupcakes and sweet stuff, and seems to be in a decent area.  The previous place went out of business because they weren’t getting enough traffic but it seemed like they sold more sustenance-like foods like meat pies where I want to sell sweets and throw in some sandwiches and soups and deli-type stuff and they said that people preferred sit-down restaurants which wouldn’t necessarily apply as much to my type of foods.  So I’m trying to figure out about how much it would cost for materials for setting up shop and my boyfriend and I are considering a trip to Boston to explore and see what it’s like.


So far these are the things I have decided I want to sell:

  • Donuts
  • Coffee infused bacon
  • cookies
  • cupcakes/muffins
  • cake!
  • >>>also I mean fun things like my version of pumpple cake or cupcakes with oreos inside, etc.
  • brownies (with pies in them!)
  • breakfast sandwiches like you can get in richmond
  • coffee-infused everything
  • coffee-regular and fancy
  • tea
  • lunch sandwiches
  • macaroni and cheese with different add-ins (like jalapeno bacon macaroni!)
  • soups
  • homemade bread (if I could ever learn to make it)
  • ICE-CREAM (home-made)
  • waffle monte cristo sandwiches
  • more pasta-like stuff for dinners
  • whatever fun things I feel like making

the point of this is that I want to be able to make a living finding recipes online and making them and playing in the kitchen.  I also want to have a good way to feed everything I make to other people, because I can never eat it all myself.  I feel like the stuff I make would be very different depending on the day and would be very experimental, but that makes it more fun I think.

Also I’d like to have a rewards system in place for kids like the Cookie Club they used to have at Sam’s Club.  

Maybe to start with I’ll see if I can find a smaller market for selling things

I might try to sell food at the Spring Bazaar this year that would be fun


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