A Week of Noms in a somewhat organized manner

For lack of anything better to blog about today and time to kill that I really shouldn’t spend playing Zuma’s Revenge (that game is addicting I see it play through behind my eyelids when I go to sleep) I am going to post my hopefully-to-be-followed food schedule for the week!  I make no promises I will actually have the energy/thought capacity to make it to the store tonight AND make muffins AND get stuff together for lunch tomorrow but who knows, maybe I’ll just inject some espresso into my veins and make it happen! Also, my boyfriend isn’t going to be spending the night tonight which tends to correlate with me not falling asleep until 3 in the morning or so because I have no reason to try and go to sleep before then.

So my food schedule…


ha I put Monday there at first but I’ve already eaten breakfast and lunch and I will probably eat pieces of food I’m making for tomorrow for dinner.

I have the stuff for making muffins–like those $1 muffin mixes from the store where you just add milk and then bake–and plan to bake those tonight so I can have them for breakfast at least Tuesday and Wednesday

So we’re going to assume I make it to the store tonight and spend a gazillion dollars on groceries for the next two weeks (i.e. the way I grocery shop lately is that I go to the store with ingredients for specific recipes for the next week, and things we ran out of that we probably need, and buy most of the things on my list, and then maybe make half the recipes during that week and then scrounge for the second week because I refuse to go back to the store).  Assuming I make this arduous journey, I want to make yummy thai peanut wrap thingies for lunch for Tuesday!

I made some super delicious chicken from a pinterest recipe awhile ago and since then I have super wanted to maket he red curry peanut sauce again and put it on a wrap ( http://www.yummly.com/recipe/Chicken-breasts-with-cilantro-and-red-thai-curry-peanut-sauce-309929 ).    I didn’t use natural peanut butter I used delicious JIF peanut butter and it turned out just fine.  Most of the recipe in mixing stuff in a blender and I have the perfect mini blender that it just the right size for making this and then mixing the peanutty goodness with coconut milk and cooking on the stove.  I’m planning on using the sauce and then adding some Tyson’s ready-grilled chicken, lettuce, carrots, and cilantro to my wrap.  Then I can pack some kettle chips or something snack-like to go with it.

oh and then for dinner Graham wants to try to make General Tso’s Chicken so we’re going to use this recipe here ( http://appetiteforchina.com/recipes/general-tsos-chicken ) and try to recreate the Asiany deliciousness!  (which is actually what I had for dinner/lunch yesterday and lunch today but shhh)


Muffins for breakfast again!

Then for lunch I’m going to try and find time to make Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwiches ( http://teenagetaste.com/2012/07/18/jalapeno-popper-grilled-cheese/ ).  I don’t know when I’ll find time for this the night before since I’ll be cooking with Graham, maybe I could make them after second tutoring and refrigerate them? Or more likely Graham and I will just return to my apartment for lunch since I have a huge gap between classes and can lunch anytime between 12 and 5:30 pm.

I haven’t really been planning dinners here, those I have more time to put into typically and therefore don’t have to plan in advance.  If I didn’t have to be at school by 9/9:30 most mornings and have a warm bed full of boyfriend and puppy I wouldn’t even need to plan lunches and breakfasts like this, but we’re almost out of cereal and so now I have to put effort into planning breakfast again


Thursday morning I assume I might be out of muffins, depending on how many I make and how many Graham eats.  But don’t worry! I’ve prepared for this, I can have espresso affogato, otherwise known as espresso poured over ice-cream mmmmmm

btw I got a new espresso maker the other week and OMG my life is so nice right now, it’s not even a super fancy expensive one it was $40 from Walmarrt since it’s a Mr. Coffee espresso maker.  [also, yes it says Walmarrt I typed it by accident but it sounds piratey so I decided I liked it and left it!].

Then for lunch I forget what I was going to make, let me check….pasta salad! I want to make pasta salad for lunch.  This I can make the night or afternoon before since it needs to set at least 2 hours anyways.  I’m kinda ghettofying a recipe I saw on pinterest since that recipe made oodles of salady noodles and I don’t need THAT much pasta salad.  But I like the ingredients (pasta, italian dressing, rotel tomatoes, black beans, corn, cilantro, I think that was it) and so I’m going with those ingredients and just guestimating the quantities.


Now Friday I don’t have to get up as early since I don’t have class until 11 am.  but on the other hand I want to make French Toast Rollups (as does Graham) and so I will do my best to be out of bed by 9 so we can make these! They seem pretty simple, I’m thinking we’ll be filling them with peanut butter and strawberries or cream cheese and strawberries since that’s what we have and I don’t feel like buying Nutella from the store since my list is already beyond long this week and we’re out of nice things like Chicken which I’ll have to buy.

And then there’s the end of planning because then it’s the weekend and we can do whatever we want! (which translated this weekend to playing Zuma’s Revenge, stir fry, partying, and watching Dexter…so productive)  I may be required to make donuts so I can bring one to my sister this weekend but we’ll see what happens with that.

I would like to do a donut recipe a week or so to try and make all the delicious flavors…maybe I’ll try the sriracha-lime donuts this week…


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