I should put a title here

And I have once again been missing from this corner of the internet for an exceedingly long time….but this time I at least have somewhat of an excuse! I was graduating! from college!

Which actually in no way kept me from being online except that I was busy doing things like SEWING LED SEQUINS ON MY GRADUATION CAP and things like that.  I will *fingers crossed* hopefully one day acquire the pictures my mom took at graduation of my hat and post them online so everyone can see the magnificence that was me on my two days of graduation (I double majored so there were TWO in-major graduations).  Anywhoooooo since then I’ve been doing a combination of being very lazy and somewhat productive.  I’ve been applying for jobs (booo) and trying to get my apartment in order so it can be shown to people so it can hopefully be leased to someone who is not me since I am officially out of money and the only reason I’m not moving out at the end of this month is because we were 5 days late turning in our written notice to our landlord that we didn’t want our lease renewed.  Landlords are sneaky sneaky individuals that keep autorenewing your lease without your permission.  They basically base this off of children’s logic “well you didn’t say you didn’t want it….so we assume it’s fine to keep charging you a gajillion dollars….”

But in happier news, here I am! all curled up on the couch with my NEW LAPTOP that I got for a combo graduation/birthday present and I have a lovely mocha macchiato type thing that I made with my lovely ESPRESSO MAKER which I got quite awhile ago actually but like i said I haven’t been around so I can’t expect anyone on the internet to know I have such wonderful caffeinated things.  Hmmm thinking of wonderful caffeinated things I wonder if I could make a coffee cake today…I may still have cocoa and ingredients…

Thinking of cake: my new project is figuring out how to make more manageable sized cakes.  Or at least one of my new projects I have a bunch.  Let me tell you about them!

New Project Number 1:

Manageable sized cakes.  Also just to let you know that for some reason I am reading this to myself as I type it with a british accent.  No idea why.  But onto cake.  So you may have read my other posts and may realize that I’m crazy about asian dramas.  They are adorable and full of feels and surprises and sometimes do things like kill the main character at the end even though they’re not supposed to be allowed to do that and it’s both terrible and lovely at the same time.  And a theme I have noticed in asian dramas and in manga/anime is the tiny adorable cakes that seem to be a thing in asian cultures.  Sometimes they’re small enough to be individual cakes, like buying a little debbie cake but x1000 cuteness.  And sometimes they’re this lovely medium size and they can put words made out of I assume chocolate or something edible on it and they give cakes for congratulations and celebrations and basically anytime they can think of an excuse rather than just on birthdays.  This is a great idea.  I love dessert.  I eat dessert like every day.  But even with all this love of dessert and such things I am only a person and there are many times that all of the dessert I want to make is too much for me to eat.  You and I would both think it would be easy to get other people to come eat the dessert but I have found that for some reason it’s not as easy to manage as it should be.  So I would love to make these medium sized cakes which would be a few days worth of dessert rather than a whole weeks worth and then some.  I’m a terrible american at the moment as I confess that I don’t wish to eat an entire cake every week.  It gets old.  So I want to practice this and figure out the correct amounts of ingredients for making these medium sized cakes and hopefully find a good size decent priced cake pan for this and then I will do my best to remember to share the recipe with the rest of the internet.

New Project Numero Dos

If you haven’t been on adafruit.com go to adafruit.  Now.  My blog is less important than the lovely items sold on this site and the beautiful tutorials.  In particular right now I’m super into the LED Sequins and the EL wire tron hoodies (https://learn.adafruit.com/tron-hoodie).  And since I’m super broke right now I was thinking of trying to make super cool stuff with these and sell them on Etsy.  It’s funzies cuz I get to play with cool light up toys and hopefully I’ll make some spare money doing this and can then play with MORE cool light up toys.  I’m waiting to get through this apartment crisis before I start so I can make sure I actually have money to start with (hopefully security deposit money) rather than spend it and then not be able to pay my bills.  If I could even just earn enough to pay off my student loan per-month payback that would be great.

New but Old Project Hashtag 3

I want to sell baked things.  This isn’t new.  During my last semester I definitely started picking out bakery buildings and planning exactly what I wanted to make.  But knowing I can’t do that right now, I am selling cookies and brownies to some of my sister’s friends and hopefully I’ll get some sold to some other people and maybe actually make the truffles to sell for Christmas or Valentine’s day this year or hit a craft show. I got super into donuts a month or so ago because I bought a donut pan and we made at least one batch of donuts per week if not more.  I’m hoping my experience with donuts, brownies, and cookies will help me and maybe my New Project Number 1 will come in handy as well.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  That and trying to keep from going crazy from writing cover letters and being bored.  Netflix is definitely my friend.  Hopefully we’ll get my forge set up soon and I can play with that some and take out my frustration on pieces of metal instead of people (which is so very tempting).  What does the rest of the internet do for fun? I need some easy fun projects that won’t cost alot or make a mess and pinterest is just too overwhelming I want to do it all!


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