Cosplay Commotion

So I’m thinking of taking up yoga….

In other news, AMA is in a week!  And I’m super psyched! Except I haven’ finished either of my cosplays yet -_- and I should really get on that.  For anyone who doesn’t know: AMA=Anime Mid-Atlantic aka Amazing Marissa Adventure.  I’ve been wanting to go to an anime convention for years because I’m a complete nerd but I’ve never been able to go either because I’ve been busy or because all of my friends who were going were 18 or older and mostly male and I was 16 and my mom said NO with extra capitals and emphasis.  But I’m old now and as an adult I can make my own decisions! ^_^ tehehehehe.  So I’m dragging my boyfriend and little sister and my friend and her little brother who is basically my little brother and it promises to be a fun time so long as my friend comes through on her end of the deal and finds us a place to stay with her relatives near by but I’m going to choose to believe she WILL come through with that and know where we’re staying by tomorrow like promised and we’re going to move on to talking about my costumes!

So my sister and I decided our original cosplay would be a group cosplay thing and we’re going as Meroko and Takuto from the manga/anime Full Moon.  I’m going as Meroko because I’ve wanted to dress up as her since the original AMA yearning when I was 16 and my sister is going to crossdress as Takuto.  She has most of her cosplay outfit done and is just trying to decide what she’s doing with her wig since his hair is kinda weird.  I, on the other hand, am a complete slacker and need to do some hardcore sewing and materials acquisition tomorrow and Monday which is bad since I’ve recently gone pretty broke and still have a month of rent to pay.  But we’re not going to think about that either.  I’m hoping I can pretty cheaply buy the ribbon I need to edge Meroko’s costume, the stuff to make rabbit ears to go on the top hat, and either a dress/skirt thing or the fabric to make said dress/skirt thing.  Plus of buying fabric is that I can make gloves, skirt, and top that match.  Minus is the time I’ll have to spend sewing (hopefully it wouldn’t actually take that long).  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find or ghetto-rig a giant zipper for the top or not but I’ll cross that bridge when I’m closer to having an outfit.  The other part that would have made this easier at the beginning would be if I had realized that the manga and anime have her wearing different colors.  I feel like it would have been much easier to find the outfit in black (like the manga) than red (like the anime and all of the pictures on the internet).  But since I don’t want to expose my stomach for the world to see I think I’m going to wear my black underbust corset in addition to the outfit so that will be some black and I’m going to wear black shoes because we already own them and finding the boots for cheap was proving very difficult.  I tried to upload a picture but I’m not sure what is going on here my computer doesn’t always like to connect to the internet at my house for some reason.

My other cosplay is going to be Misty from Pokemon and I’m sure everyone already knows what she looks like.  Al I need for her is a yellow tanktop and if I could find some red hightops that would be fabulous.  If not maybe I’ll find some walmart shoes I can paint.  My hopes now lie in Wally World and thrift stores.  But hopefully that won’t be too bad.  I haven’t messed with the wig to make sure I can get it in a pig tail on the side yet but I’m sure we can manage if we try hard enough.  If we can make that work then that one will be done and I’m making my boyfriend dress as Ash though I don’t think he ever ordered his hat and he should do that soon since he only has til Thursday for it to come in….

Anywho I’m super dee duper excited about this and I hope it all turns out well.  If it doesn’t that’s a waste of a couple hundred dollars (hopefully less than that I haven’t actually checked) and I will be rather disappointed.  I will try to keep the wide world of the internet posted and post pictures of us and our lovely costumes and everyone else’s too!



One thought on “Cosplay Commotion

  1. Make sure to post those Misty cosplay photos! … and lots of other Pokemon trainers there too. If your friend does not have an Ash hat, he could probably purchase one there. … or have him go as Professor Oak, and just get a labcoat : )

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