The Food Mission Begins: Lunchtime

So I’m all about the food.  But, like so many others I have this horrible habit of going on sites like Pinterest and now where all I do is look at pictures of food (sometimes I even read the recipes!) and repost them without ever actually making them! 

This is all about to change.

I’m setting myself a food mission: I’m going to actually make new recipes! Now, I’m living at home again because my job is literally minutes from my mom’s house and it seems silly to drive half an hour to work from an apartment with that being the case (at least for now).  The struggle being that my mother is in no way a foodie.  Oh, she likes food.  She eats things….sometimes… but she isn’t very enthusiastic about alot of new foods.  Especially ones she deems “weird.”  Especially spicy foreign food.  And spicy foreign food being the best thing in existence we tend to run into problems.  When I was at college I was free to experiment without judgement and on top of that the ingredients I needed were more available.  Now I have to drive half an hour to reach a grocery store that doesn’t think the asian food aisle is just ramen and stir-fry seasoning packets, an hour if I want an actual asian grocery store.  Since my boyfriend still lives in Richmond this isn’t actually that big of a deal since on the weekends I can either come visit him and drag him to the store or make him bring me the ingredients I want.  But meals do require some sort of planning now.  I could decree on Wednesday night that I want to make some recipe with some foreign ingredients right then and there and then drive to Cfield/Richmond and get the ingredients then drive home and cook but I have to be awake by 6 every morning and that has turned me into an old lady who goes to sleep by 11 most nights (or at least goes to bed but that is a different story).  

this first week of school (I’m a teacher now btw) I’ve done pretty well at deciding what I wanted and going to cfield the day before school started to pick up ingredients then I made 2 different dishes to pack for lunch and alternated the days I took them and then brought the leftovers to Graham as a sampler dish so he could try them since he came and bought ingredients with me but then had to drive home before I could start cooking.  Which is probably for the best since this week I keep accidentally flinging food across the kitchen.

So this first week I made a Veggie “rice” bowl which has rice in quotes because it’s actually cauliflower rice now real rice.  This was delicious and healthy and full of veggies and a fruit and stuff and mom refused to taste it even though she’s been fussing about how she doesn’t get enough fruits and vegetables and the only thing close to weird in this was avocady which I didn’t even add until the morning I packed it in my lunch because I was afraid it would go bad and ruin the whole batch of stuff.  


I got a picture of this one! 

The recipe came from 

So the next day I made Vegan Chana Masala which was a chickpea tomato curry which was delicious but I didn’t take a picture cuz I’m silly.  I had it one day with rice and one with leftover quinoa we had made for dinner the night before (mom’s not a super huge fan of quinoa either but Jessi liked it and she’s one of the pickiest people in the world).  Om nom nom.  Here’s the recipe

I also made chocolate sugar cookies! I’m on a sugar cookie kick.  Last week I made lemon sugar cookies.  


and then into my mouth

I’m baking a batch of cookies every week to hide in my classroom because why not and I have a food cabinet

Chocolate Sugar Cookies


So now I have to decide what to make next week! and then remember to buy ingredients on my way home from Richmond and then be awake enough to make the food.  I want to be able to make some dinner things that are new too (or maybe even breakfast but mornings are terrible) I just have to make sure to not overlap with what mom’s making and that people will at least TRY to eat it because otherwise i have to eat it all.  

My goal is to eventually pick a bunch of recipes and post them and make sure I get through them in a decent amount of time.  I used to think I could get through all the recipes I had pinned to pinterest but I’m pretty sure if I stopped now I would still die before I got through all of them


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