Danger Will Robinson!

Just a general update on my culinary adventures as of late 🙂

So I have a public safety warning and a tale of donuts. Also wowzers, 277 pictures since I last uploaded my phone pics.  That may take awhile to copy to my cpu..

Luckily for us, my public safety warning has no pictures!  I managed to not document that part of my life.

So let me begin my story like all good stories begin.  Once upon a time in a land far far from any city or social events, I was really into Irish food for some reason.  So one day, my sister and I went to Barnes and Nobles and used a Christmas gift card to buy a lovely Irish cookbook called Real Irish Food written by David Bowers.  I love this cookbook.  I especially love the stories included and the fact that David Bowers has an American wife and therefore understands about making these recipes usable by people who don’t have access to nice things.  That being said, I did splurge on some Irish wholemeal flour through the internet so I could have the best of the best of Irish soda bread.  So on the day in question, I had my flour and my cookbook and I baked a delicious loaf of soda bread.  This is all the more exciting because I am notoriously terrible at making bread (yeast and I just don’t get along).  The bread was yummy and begged for some kind of soup or sauce to be dunked in.  So I decided I was going to make a stir fry soup for dinner.

To interrupt myself: according to the internet there is no such thing as stir fry soup.  One might even argue that I really meant curry.  Well one should hush oneself because I knew what I meant.  I wanted stir fry but with a thicker and more plentiful sauce and I wanted it to be like a stir fry sauce more than a curry sauce.

Now the week before I had traveled to the Byrd Street Farmer’s Market and bought these beautiful multicolored peppers.  Purple and green and orange and red and yellow and for some reason I didn’t ask how spicy they were and in Marissa-land I decided they were like small sweet peppers. Long story short, NO. No they were not.  They were godawful spicy as I should have guessed from their size and shape and literally the entire stir fry consisted of nothing but the ENTIRE BAG of peppers, matchsticked carrots, and beef.  plus the delicious sauce I made that was probably the best beef-based broth I’ve ever made.  [I used beef broth and roasted mushroom soup 1 can each from campbells and added soy sauce and Dave’s season-all sauce and various spices plus some flour for thickening].

So my mouth was on fire as I ate and as I ate I also noticed that my hands tingled a bit. Wait, let’s make that they started to burn.  Owchies.  I had never experienced pepper burn before and I googled like the best of them for something to make it stop.  I tried soaking my hands in alcohol–much to the amusement of my mom who found me with a cup of vodka because we were out of cooking alcohol– to no avail, I coated my hands with yellow mustard (and Comet at my mom’s suggestion).  I tried a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember.  None of it really worked, I had an ice pack on my hands all night. Moral of the story: always question your peppers.  Never assume. It lights your hands and mouth on fire.

But the food was good.

I will save the tale of donuts for a later post as I really should start on deciding what I’m cooking this week so we can go to the store.


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