A New Leaf (A Pumpkin Leaf!)

When I was on my blog the other day I noticed that my posts had become few and far between (which i had suspected) and that they had taken a turn for the sadder.  I was not at my happiest during my year of teaching, although in retrospect I would teach again if need be, and also I was busy.  I let that busyness get in the way of my posting and that led me to only post when I needed to vent…but today we turn over a new leaf!

Armed with a pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (courtesy of http://www.cookingclassy.com/2014/08/pumpkin-oat-chocolate-chip-cookies/) and a third of a leftover starbucks mocha (courtesy of my splurging on chocolate the other day after going through some withdrawals and then realizing that maybe I shouldn’t finish the mocha at 10 pm when I was about to go to bed) I am ready to embark on a new challenge to write a post a day with the exclusion of weekends unless I feel like it.  But forseriously I’m often busy on weekends and sometimes don’t even open my computer. But during this time of unemployment and job hunting and moving to Maryland where I know absolutely noone this gives me a great opportunity to do what I want and what I want is to spread joy and cheer across the interwebs.  Also I’ve noticed I get really wordy and rambly when allowed to type what I want… hmmm….

Also this mocha is gross and chunky.  Leftover mocha is not the best idea but shhhh.

I know my sister (you can follow her at https://completelybatty.wordpress.com/) is writing a blog post today all about pumpkin so I will also wait to impart my pumpkiny knowledge and goals another day and will instead announce that I finally found a beer that I can tolerate!

As a background: beer is gross and super gross and even when I’m drunk enough to drink the beer it’s really HEAVY and eww.  I suspect that maybe I can’t deal with all the gluten in beer [haha I typed that as gluten in bear at first], which isn’t logical since I have no gluten intolerance issues that I know of but who knows. Regardless, eww.  Grossness aside I was intrigued by a pin I ran into a while ago titled “Beers to try… if you don’t like beer.”  Of course reading through this post, most of what they suggest are things that are fruity.  She even suggests cider, which is not beer.  I like cider,  I can do cider.  I’m partial to angry orchard and want to share that Angry Orchard Green Apple Cider tastes like applesauce. Anywhoo, I was told to try a Lambic beer.  Through the great powers of Wikipedia I’ve come to understand that lambic beer is different from other beers in that instead of using carefully cultured yeasts lambic beer is fermented by spontaneous fermentation. I tried a peach beer and it was tolerable.  Reminded me of cider a bit, it still felt like beer to me but it wasn’t horrible.  I’ve heard it described as overly sweet but I didn’t find this to be the case (of course my mouth might be made of sugar so I might be different).


lookit those bottles (I did not take this picture).  And FYI this was the most complicated thing to open.  After removing the foil topping I removed the bottle cap and THEN pulled out a cork. I mean really. Wut. Why. Why was this necessary? Probs because of the spontaneity that likely would have exploded everywhere wreaking havoc all over the world. Also it was expensive at like $8 a bottle at one of the 50 million Beer and Wine stores in Maryland.

Final verdict: tolerable. would drink again.

But realllyyyyy who needs to?  When I have perfectly good ciders and mixed drinks. I’m doomed to be the most expensive person at the bar forever.


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