Furniture Shopping

I meant to be so productive today. But then I was woken up with a call for an interview and a cuddly puppy and that all kinda went downhill.

Right now I’m craving matcha. I could make a matcha smoothie but I just ate a big bowl of spaghetti (all in the name of getting rid of leftovers) and I’m not really hungry.  I think I’ll fix a mug of instant matcha-ginger latte stuff from the asian store instead.Yummy scrumboes.

So what to talk about today…


If you’re anybody who’s anybody who conversed with me anytime near when I was moving you know about my glorious and beautiful swivel chair that I bought from Sam’s Club when I moved.  It’s up there on my top 10 most expensive things I’ve ever purchased (I’m thinking my tv and car are above it and that’s about it?).  But it is my favorite piece of furniture and as soon as I sat in it I fell in love with it and I spend most of my days in this chair right now whilst I look for jobs.


not this color: mine is a mid-colored brown with matching pillows.  But you get the idea. BEST. CHAIR. EVER.

Sadly finding glorious furniture is not always as easy as that soul-bonding moment was.  Through the miracle of IKEA we’ve managed to customize and put together a TV stand.  We also found some dishes and a silver shelf we can store my not-to-be-scoffed-at collection of tea on.

The problem now is a coffee cabinet. I had to give up calling it a coffee table because that understandably kept confusing people and because I actually do want a cabinet.The goal is a piece of furniture that we can set up like a barista bar on top: coffee pot, espresso maker, accessories, etc.  The cabinet is for my also rather large collection of alcohol.  I have a habit of buying different types of alcohol to use for making mixed drinks or baking but then I don’t finish them off for a long time.  The amount builds. Any extra drawers would be ideal for storing drink accessories like umbrellas or rimming sugar would be an added plus. Oh and the cabinet has to look badass. We found some promising candidates at At Home (one of my new favorite home deco stores) but Graham made the ultimate decision that none of them were solid enough and he would rather keep looking.  It is his money since I’m super broke right now and if he wants to spend more money on better furniture I will not stop him!  So still we quest, for the perfect furniture.

Just FYI I would also like to hang a chalkboard (or a black whiteboard which is a thing now) above the coffee cabinet with a list of what’s “on tap” so I’ll know what I have without having to dig through everything. Also nice if I ever have the opportunity to entertain friends and I don’t want to have to list out what I have.

We also need to find a small dining table to go in the “dining area” which is basically no room but we really want a table and then I can also work on projects there. If I can’t find a job soon I’m going to have to start crafting or find a project before I go crazy from neglect.  I at least have Hachi at the apartment now to cuddle with but it’s almost fall and I need to be busy in fall doing fall things. This week I’m helping my sister move into college for a big part of the week but next week I am picturing some pumpkin soup making and some pie making if I can track down some peaches and slash or apples.

The last piece of furniture we really need is a pair of desks. They don’t have to match, one is for Graham and one is for me and he’ll probably be working on electronics while I’ll be working more on crafts. But it would be nice to have a workspace, especially with Halloween coming up.  I’ll be making a wig for my Medusa costume and he’ll be trying to sew a steampunk-esque lab coat for his Dr. Steel outfit. And I want to make clay snails with real beach shells and paint them and they’ll be adorable.

Don’t judge my dreams.



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