Learning Sign Language

New life goal: I’ve been wanting to learn a new language but I’ve been having trouble finding a free app or online class that has good pronunciation, phonetic spelling, and the actual word written in it’s language next to the translation.  For a spoken language I feel these things are important as is being near other people speaking that language. So for now I’m going to start trying to learn more words in sign language!

Until today the only words/phrases I knew how to say were rain, fire, dead, douchebag (or actually vagina cleaning bag), lesbian, and various letters (I can spell roar thanks to my elementary school mascot being a tiger).  Obviously most of my words came from a friend who could sign and only taught me teenage things.

So far I’m liking this page from lifeprint that picked the first 100 words that might be used from the standpoint of a parent talking to a child.

My 5 words of today are mom, dad, boy, girl, pizza.  And I clicked on pizza to learn it so I’m using the double z method where you flash z twice then a. zza.

My sister should also learn sign language so we can talk about our brother behind his back. That would be funny XP.

Here is the link to the site if anyone else is curious



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