Shoes and Projects and Funzies Galore

So I started to post yesterday but all I really would have been posting about would have been doing basically nothing all day. I did log on and update my recipes for the week to say how the asiago soup turned out (delicious) and I started to type things and was just like “no…”

So today I went to the mall! The main goal was Starbucks and I figured I could walk around at least as long as my drink lasted and see what was there.

So most of Hot Topic was BOGO 50% off so I definitely stopped in there and found some cute earrings.

Snapchat--9002943715308040479 Snapchat--2046287963895285838

I wish I’d had the nerd ones when I was teaching…the pi earrings in particular would have been pretty great.  There was also a Jack Skellington head bank on clearance I thought about getting but it was $15 and I was trying not to spend alot of money since I don’t have a job atm.

Next stop was this very dangerous shoe store named Giuseppe which was full of cheap shoes. Some of them were made super cheaply as well and I tried to shy away from those, and I had promised myself I wasn’t going to buy shoes on this trip since I already have so many, but they were so cute!

Displaying Screenshot_2015-08-19-18-34-56.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2015-08-19-18-35-02.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2015-08-19-18-35-09.png

The socks were already mine. I just thought they went well with the creepers >_<.  And the creepers were honestly the reason I broke down. $16 for creepers is unheard of in rural America and I’ve wanted some forever.  The only way to make them better would have been if they had been 2″ platforms.

But them boots….I love metallic things and I’m super in love with those boots right now.  Silver shiny boots XD.

I stopped a couple of other places but no purchases.  The As Seen on TV store was pretty interesting.

So then I came home and worked on a project!  I’ve been planning a pvc pipe wreath for awhile now and I went home last weekend and bought the PVC pipes and cut them with my uncle’s chop saw so I could put them together.  So today I did that


I did mark the places where the pipes touched others with a sharpie like I saw on one of the tutorials on how to do this and that ended up helping alot at the beginning but by the end I was a little all over the place.  I used pipes with .5″, 1″, 1.5″, and 2″ diameters cut into 2″ sections.  When I cut the pipes the thinner ones ended up a little scuffed on one end because it would break free  before the saw made a clean cut so I made sure all of those ends were on the back. I hot glued the pipes together and then added some spray paint!


It’s not quite done since I need to paint the back and reglue one of the tubes and peel some hot glue threads off.  Tomorrow!


Oh hi there says the puppy. She is confused about what all is going on and she didn’t approve of me leaving the house earlier.

Tomorrow I’m also going to work on my seashell snails and whenever my resin molds come in I’m going to make seashell jewelry ^_^.  Projects make the day go faster!


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