Writing for Me!

So I’ve been slacking a bit on writing lately.  This is something I’m challenging myself to do since I’m currently unemployed and I’m afraid I’m going to become a total couch potato slash housewife (housegirlfriend?) and never be interesting again.  Anywhoo this isn’t about me, it’s about my writing.  I’ve mistakenly been skipping coming online to write blog posts and learn sign language (that other goal I wrote about before) because I feel like I haven’t done anything worth writing about that day.  Part of this is probably because 9/10 of my posts are about food, particularly what I happen to be cooking that week or a type of food I really want to cook. And I can only post the menu once…after that it’s already been posted.

But after browsing around Buzzfeed articles for about half an hour today I realized I can really write about whatever I want! It doesn’t have to be something that I think people would be interested in reading, because I’m writing this for me not for them.  I also realized that yes there really are jobs in the world where you can wear whatever you want and I would probably sell part of my soul to work at Buzzfeed so I could have one of those jobs. I like to wear “fun clothes” but I can’t seem to locate anywhere short of Hot Topic that would let me wear those clothes in a professional venue.

(p.s. when I say fun clothes I mean clothes that are sparkly and like something you would wear on a magical hipster night out or maybe a toned down circus look.  I do actually shop for outfit ideas and accessories in the clubwear section of the internet.)

Today I was vaguely productive. I started out by waking up and stumbling through the morning walk where we met a cute puppy named Billy and his companion the blind dog who remained nameless.  Then I made my way through a bowl of cereal because I was way too lazy to make my own breakfast (and also pretty hungry) and I struggled with the Keurig trying to make a cup of tea.  FYI, if you have an oversized coffeepot and an older Keurig there is no way to nicely fill that cup with hot water. The larger cup size leaves much to be desired, but if you try to top it off with the smaller cup size it fills to EXACTLY THE TOP which is dangerous if you try to… hmm… iono… move your cup or something.

But then the actual productivity started; I began on the mountain of laundry that needed to be washed and prepared dinner in the crockpot. Bam. Tikka Masala. One of my favorite crockpot recipes I’ve ever found.  And it can all be yours if you click the following link


Now it says to put the whole jalapeno in there and then pull it out but that’s too much work so I usually just dice it up and toss it in.  This does make the food VERY SPICY so if you don’t like your food VERY SPICY maybe don’t do that ;-).

Then I took the time to dig through my bucket of seashells for smaller shells so I could try my hand at making resin jewelry with seashells. I hope to post the pictures when they’re done curing tomorrow

insert future picture here

I’ve been trying a bunch of different seashell crafts both in the hopes of using the seashells (and thus requiring a trip tothe beach!) and reinspiring myself in the crafting world. I’ve kinda fallen out of crafting over the past year while I was working and so I’m planning to take this time I have to myself to play with crafting things and maybe get my Etsy store back online. I really like working with wire jewelry and I’ve done alot with bottlecaps and upcycled crafts but they haven’t gotten me very far so I’m trying something a bit different. I’ve also lost my pliers so by necessity I’m working on stuff that doesn’t require pliers.

My favorite piece I cast today has a shell opened to look like a butterfly inside of a heart

insert future picture here

Although there are many other pieces that I like. And I’m still waiting for the backings to come in from Amazon.com so I won’t be able to mount the pieces yet anyways. Still, I’m excited and am thinking about what other nature items can go into my resin mold tray! If these do well and I make a bit of money off of them I’ll be able to justify to myself buying some bigger molds of different sizes.

I’d also like to try my hand at tatting (making lace not tattooing).  This seems like it has a relatively cheap startup cost and as long as I don’t get tangled and frustrate myself it could be a lucrative activity to try while watching tv.  Kind of something to replace knitting during the warmer months, I tend to knit in the winter and fall.


I’m using this page for starting and will keep posted once I have the materials!

I was planning on painting my snails I made the other day out of air dry clay and old shells as part of my shell-using project but it turns out I didn’t bring any paintbrushes! So I’ll have to go get those too XP.

The rest of my productivity seems to have been zapped by the puppy wanting to cuddle. My feet got cold so I grabbed a blanket and then she was like “love me, let me come on the chair with you, now you can’t get up without disturbing me.”

I’m suddenly feeling the urge to try my hand at making icecream sandwiches. Maybe I’ll remember my icecream maker when I go home this weekend and I can make homemade icecream icecream sandwiches!


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