Cooking for One: The Struggle is Real

My sister and my inner mental voice started fussing at me for slacking on blogging again :P.

So today I am determined to be 100% more productive than yesterday! And so far so good. I only have 7 things left to do on my to-do list and after posting this it will be 6!  Hooray! *throws confetti*

And the first productive thing I did today was I made breakfast!  A few weeks ago I started trying to pick out recipes I wanted to try and writing down a few at a time on color-coded index cards so that I would have a tangible recipe there and therefore would be inspired to remember to make that recipe! Too often I open up a tab and say “oh yeah I’ll make that” and then I either lose the tab or just forget about it and the tab stays open forever.

So this morning I opted for Oatmeal Cookie Dough Breakfast Bake based on this recipe

Displaying IMG_20150901_103144634.jpg

So I used peanut butter instead of almond butter (cuz it’s what I had) and I used an egg instead of applesauce (reverse substitution!) because the applesauce had gotten moldy :/.  And it was yummy!  It made one serving and at first I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be enough but it was very filling.  I also added a bit of coconut cuz I really like coconut :3.

So then I proceeded to cuddle with the puppy and wash clothes and stuff and went to the store and I’m super proud of myself because over half of my groceries were fresh fruits and veggies. Go me! (this is not including asian groceries since we haven’t bought those yet and I still gotta make the list).

And lunch! this recipe I actually kinda invented myself so I will type it here like a good food blogger

Cajun Fajita Pasta

any type of pasta (I used rotini)

1 serving meat/protein (I used shrimp)

2 tsp cajun seasoning

2 tsp chili seasoning (I have chili 3000 from Penzeys)

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (or more!)

1/4-1/2 cup fire roasted tomato salsa

1/4 red pepper, cut into strips

1/4 green pepper, cut into strips

1/3 small onion, cut into strips

a couple squirts of Sriracha

Oregano (garnish)

Prepare a serving of pasta.

While the pasta is cooking, cook meat in a frying pan (if necessary–my shrimp were precooked so I didn’t need to do this).  Remove meat and saute peppers and onion in same pan.  Add spices and sriracha.  Once peppers are mostly cooked add meat back in and stir to make sure the spices are coating everything.  Add more spices if necessary.

Drain pasta.

Stir together pasta, salsa, and a pinch more of cajun seasoning.  Add meat and veggies and cheese.  Stir until cheese is melted.  Top with oregano.


Note: all of the measurements are kind of up to you if you want to tweak them. I didn’t actually measure so I guestimated 🙂


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