Pompkin Biscuits and Decorating for Fall

Yes I do realize I wrote pompkin instead of pumpkin.  I realize.  I reeaalliizzee.

So it’s still not TECHNICALLY fall and I can’t buy any REGULAR pumpkins (or pompkins) to bake with yet like I super want to.  But this week I have decided to decorate for fall and also I’m making things with canned pumpkin and japanese pumpkin!

So I posted a few weeks ago about the beautiful wreath I had made out of pvc pipes and I was going to hang it and fill it with fall colored decorations and it was going to be adorable. Unfortunately, apparently hot glue doesn’t hold the wreath together like it should and it fell apart.  I have a sneaking suspicion the directions I was following meant super glue instead of hot glue but I absolutely with a passion super hard core dislike super glue >:-(.  It’s eevviilllllll. And so we’re figuring out what I should use instead…and one day the wreath will finally be made :D.

In addition to the wreath I’ve seen some pretty cool fall deco ideas online (yes I am addicted to Pinterest like many women are).

DIY - How to Paint Acorns -#fall #project #acorns: DIY - How to Paint Acorns -#fall #project #acorns

Painted Acorns

courtesy of http://www.homestoriesatoz.com/fall-2/how-to-paint-acorns.html

I super like the metallic colors. The only issue is I need somewhere to put them. I glass jar or the partylite candles that let you put things inside of them and have tealights up top would be ideal but we’re still struggling to find space to put decorations in my apartment :(.  I think I could do a glass jar and stick it on the bookshelf or in the TV cabinet where it can be unobtrusively beautiful though!

6 inexpensive ways to transition your home decor for fall: 6 inexpensive ways to transition your home decor for fall

~Glittered Leaves~

courtesy of http://www.houseofjadeinteriorsblog.com/2013/10/diy-falling-leaves-garland.html

Sadly these are not real leaves, they are fake leaves (I guess also happily cuz otherwise the leaves might get grossies) and so must be purchased at the Michael’s.  However this looks pretty and easy and is a good way to get glitter all over my apartment! We have a huge wall with the cable cord stretched across it and I think this would be a fun way to kind of disguise that =D.  Plus it could be replaced with snowflakes for Christmas/January.

And that’s all I really have so far… so on to recipes!

Pumpkin Biscuits

courtesy of http://foodnessgracious.com/2014/09/pumpkin-buttermilk-biscuits/

I have no idea if this is the same pumpkin biscuit recipe I used last year but last year I made pumpkin biscuits and they were great! So tomorrow I’m making these and on Saturday morning we’re going to wake up and make sausage patties and eggs and have delicious pumpkin sausage and egg biscuits and life will be groovy. Which is super necessary since we’re planning to go seashell hunting and Graham always forgets to feed me on the weekends…usually I eat free samples from Sam’s Club for lunch….

Japanese Pumpkin Curry

Vegan Japanese Kabocha Curry

courtesy of http://veganmiam.com/recipes/japanese-kabocha-curry

Japanese Pumpkin (or Kabocha) is technically just a squash but it goes by a name that involved pumpkin and I am excited nonetheless. So I’m super excited to make this and eat it and I love curry and yay food! In fact I just washed and wrapped my japompkin in tin foil.  And I decided I’m going to throw some shrimpies in the curry too..cuz we have some 😀

So that’s my happy life right now. I’ll throw in a couple of fall songs to keep you going!


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