A day with less TV

So with the goal of being more productive, I decided to try and spend less time in front of the TV today!  And by less time I mean I set a goal to not turn the TV on until at least 3 pm.  I have a bad habit of turning the TV on during breakfast and then leaving it on in the background while I either use my laptop or play on my phone.  It leads to me doing things like not putting away dishes or not washing clothes, etc.

So today I spent most of the day on my laptop listening to itunes instead!

I know, it’s not actually that much of a change 😛

I also made pumpkin biscuits

Displaying IMG_20150904_154223630.jpg

I talked about making these yesterday and how we’re going to eat them tomorrow with sausage and eggs ^_^ super excited.

I also made my yummy coconut oatmeal with cinnamon brown sugar bananas because we opened a can of coconut yesterday so we could use it in our kabocha curry (also posted about yesterday).  We completely forgot to put the coconut milk IN the curry but that’s beside the point

Displaying IMG_20150904_101455107.jpg

lookit that healthy yummy breakfast

Also appreciate dinner/desert from last night

Displaying IMG_20150903_191149743.jpg

well at least appreciate the dinner prep…I didn’t take any pictures of actual dinner and I just finished eating the leftovers a few minutes ago >_<

Displaying IMG_20150903_210549200_TOP.jpg

And desert! also in the prep stage. I’ve been wanting to make baked peaches for a couple weeks but we’ve always been too full from dinner so last night was finally a perfect chance and om nom nom nom nom nom


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