New Job and Such

So I disappeared for awhile but I have a legit reason this time! I started a new part time job at Mathnasium in the evenings so I’ve been figuring out the commute.

Day 1:

I decided I could bike to the metro station! Or at least I hoped I could. My phone said it would take about 30 minutes to get there and I really really wanted this adorable bike from Sam’s Club.

Yeah no that didn’t happen. An hour after I left my apartment I gave up and called Graham to come get me. I’m super out of shape and as much as I love that bike, it’s a cruiser.  That means it doesn’t gear up and hills are awkward. I ended up walking a good portion of the trip and it was awfully hot and the sun made me feel like death.  I made it about 2.3 miles which was about halfway.  My September New Years goal is to one day make it the whole way! I’m gonna start biking to closer locations though. Like the library!

Taking a minute to give a shoutout to googlemaps for having awesome bike directions and trying to pick the route with the least incline.

Day 2:

I took the bus to the metro. It went alot smoother with the only drawback being the ever present sun still being really hot and stuff.  And the bus was a little late so I was in direct sunlight for like 15 minutes.  But I survived, white girl that I am.

And day 3 was about the same. I went in to work an hour early to help with paperwork but other than that it didn’t change up much.

I have today (Friday) off but sadly I have to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend which seems rather unfair since I JUST STARTED but whatever. I do have Saturday-Tuesday of next week off since I’m going home for mom’s birthday and then stealing Jessi for a couple of days.  Super fun.

Anyhoooo I’m here for posterity’s sake and posting stuff and also searching the internet for food recipes and applying for engineering jobs and whatnot. Working evenings makes dinner making awkward and this week we probably ate out more than we should have because we didn’t make it to the store until Wednesday because we were lazy on Labor Day


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