Bag Makeover: Eyeball Edition

So I’ll be the first to say my family has too many bags. My mom works for 31 selling really cute customizable bags and we buy more than we sell…

But I think this is a cute clutch (I don’t have too many clutches!) that I could make myself rather than spending $60 on.

What’s the Big Eye-dea? Bag

The bag is from ModCloth (which is where I will shop when I have a real job and real money!) and is part of their Halloween line.

I’m pretty sure I can find a cheaper black clutch and jazz it up a bit

Step 1: Googly Eyes

You can buy any size googly eyes now: the trick will be to find ones that aren’t HUGE but aren’t small

Step 2: Silver Edging and Lashes

I’m not sure if I want to use silver paint or try crimping some silver foil around the eyes or something.  I’m leaning towards to foil because I like the texture, but I will browse the craft store first.

Step 3: Pom Pom Charm Thing

I don’t know if I would do that particular type of pom pom but I do like the fuzzy thing being there as kind of an allusion to a fuzzy monster. I might want to put a bow on the top corner instead–a purple bat bow.


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