Christmas and New Years

Yes I know Christmas and New Years were almost a month ago now…but I just uploaded my pictures to my computer okay? I’ve also been forgetting to blog alot or really I’ve been too lazy to go in the other room and get my computer and bring it out to the living room.  That’s probably about 90% of what’s going on.

There was much pre-Christmas festivities! I went and saw the lights at Seneca Creek State Park (actualy I did that after Christmas but shhhh), went to see Star Wars and tried out the glitter beard look on my soul roommate, dressed like a Christmas tree, and made a snowman!

The glitter beard was actually much more legit than I thought it was going to be.  We made beard oil at home (because I forgot to bring the beard oil with me) and it smelled heavenly. Also manly. That was very important. Then we went to Richmond to meet Stephen at En Su Boca and got delicious tacos. Then we forgot about the glitter beard until we were in line at Star Wars and I had to drag Stephen outside so we could apply the magic! I rubbed beard oil into his beard and then kind of just sprinkled glitter all over his face in the hopes that I wasn’t making a mess. I made a mess. But it was a good mess! And the glitter stayed in for the entire movie at least and he said it washed out pretty easily with shampoo.

So for Christmas itself we did a great deal of holiday baking. We made our first gingerbread house, a donut christmas tree, and chocolate cherry bombs. The cherry bombs were actually for a new years party but that got canceled so they all got eaten. Also there’s a cute puppy there.

The rest of the holiday involved many hours in the car, making Christmas hats, and dressing the animals up in clothing. It was too hot for them to wear sweaters, sadly.  Our step-nephews came over and were adorable and opened their presents and there was alot of food and my sister really confused our grand parents because she wore the Ikea bat costume I got her for Christmas to the family gathering. Well, Grandma was just exasperated at us but Papa kept arguing that that’s not what bat ears look like….because costumes are required to be realistic? Iono. And I was wearing ornaments again so I looked a site too and really nobody talked to us much. Score!


New Years was much more subdued. We stayed up and did the countdown thing at my apartment but it was just two of us so there wasn’t too much excitement. We bought champagne and established that neither of us know which champagne we’re supposed to buy so we just kinda picked one!

We also made spinach puffs and other delicious foods that I forget. For my spinach puffs recipe you can keep scrolling forever down my blog and find it! I posted it here awhile ago and that’s how I find it every year when I want to make it!


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