Snowmageddon continues

So it’s actually stopped snowing and we don’t even have a foot yet. lol.

As an adult in my first apartment really far away from home (3 hours>1 hour) and not within walking distance of the grocery store, there are some things that are a bit different about the snow.

It’s really just us

well and I mean…our neighbors? But one of them totally opened my Amazon package and stole my batteries yesterday. They did give most of them back after I put up a sign calling them jerks and explaining that the batteries were for V-day presents but still…not sure I can count on them in a dire situation.

What even is this white powder stuff on my windshield?

And no, I don’t mean the snow! There was some gunky white stuff on my front and rear windshields today which made seeing while driving not the easiest thing–especially since I’m already blind.  I’m assuming it’s from the salt that was laid out from the Wednesday snow and/or anti-snow chemicals but I have never had this issue before. Part of that is probably that Richmond could give less fucks and other than that I’ve only ever lived in a super tiny county where the cows that run the town don’t really care if there’s snow outside. We don’t do things like put salt out anywhere except the sidewalk and we just kind of slip and slide everywhere because we don’t need to go anywhere anytime soon.

Do we REALLY have to buy bread and milk like normal people

The answer is no. We did not buy any. I kind of wish we had since I wanted to bake today and everything needed milk and I didn’t want to use it all, but we have plans! We have poptarts and cereal and juice and we bought a whole ham which I cooked today and that will be our sustenance if necessary. To be fair, we would have bought milk if we were low but we take forever to go through the milk when we’re not drowning our cereal with it.

Also I have an insane amount of tabs of things that I don’t want to forget that I want to try so I’m going to start posting them here! (because even I am starting to judge the amount of tabs I have open…)

Horchata Latte (

Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato (

North Indian Chicken Curry (



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