Bake All The Things!!!

So due to the crraaazzzyyyy amount of snow outside from Winter Storm Jonas, I’ve been having to get up super early (6:30ish) and ride into work with Graham.  This is due to the bus not running because of the bus stop being a giant pile of snow. So I haven’t been very pioneering in the kitchen this week. Instead I’ve read books and lived in Starbucks.

So on my day off today I went wild and made all sorts of stuff.

I made… drum roll please…

Crockpot Ham and Potato Soup It’s in the crockpot right now cooking itself. I should check on it soonish and mash them taters. Om nom nom.

A Roll Cake! I used the cake recipe from Wilton which is reachable from the ‘supply list’ for that recipe. The cake was not the best thing I’ve succeeded in making, potentially because I don’t have an electric mixer and was beating everything by hand. On the other hand the icing came from this recipe. I halved the recipe and it was DElishus.

Yes I do know that’s spelled wrong.

Curry Bread using leftover battleship curry from earlier this week. I had accidentally made the curry too spicy and therefore it’s hard to eat straight, but excellent with this bread. I let the bread rise longer than it was supposed to and I think it maybe didn’t actually rise enough but the bread tastes really good. I’m actually surprised it ended up as good as it is because I sucked hardcore at rolling the curry into the dough balls.



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