Packing Lunch as an ADULT

As anyone who knows me should have heard (which is really only one of you), I am absolutely stumped by this whole ‘becoming an adult’ thing. I’ve been suffering through The Job Search, Making Friends in a New Place, and (lately) Packing an Adult Lunch.

Now some of you might wonder: what is this Adult Lunch I speak of? How is it fundamentally different from a Child Lunch or a Teen Lunch? More food maybe? Better food hopefully? Well I ask myself the same questions. Constantly. Like every week day when I’m trying to decide what to take for lunch.  Some of you may even have the same take on this some of my friends do. You may think that I shouldn’t obsess over lunch this much. It doesn’t matter what people pack for lunch. NOBODY EVEN SEES ME EAT LUNCH MOST OF THE TIME ANYWAYS SO I’M LITERALLY JUST PACKING FOR MYSELF.

So yeah, this whole mission slash worrying thing makes absolutely no sense. I fully realize that. I do. Nonetheless, I have made it my current mission in life to conquer this challenge, to figure out how to pack an Adult Lunch that I can be proud of and eat and be full afterwards (but not too full cuz I still have to work and if I’m too full I’ll get sleepy and nothing will be accomplished). Those of you who read this blog may embark on this journey with me!


Full disclosure: I often forget to post things or take pictures. Sometimes when I take pictures it’s just too much work for me to post them online so I procrastinate blogging at all. You may miss much of this adventure. But I will do my best to bring you with me on this venture!!!!

Topics I will attempt to cover and master:

  • Lunchboxes
  • Sandwiches and Things Like Sandwiches
  • Salads and Things Like Salads
  • Pasta and Things Like Pasta
  • Snacky Foods
  • Dessert
  • Why don’t they make adult juiceboxes?
  • Sushi and Sushi-esque creations
  • Bentos and how I often wish I was Japanese
  • Rice Bowls (sometimes using Things Like Rice)
  • Prepping and staying excited enough about lunch to actually remember to pack lunch and not just eating 2 packs of peanut butter crackers like I did today
  • What if I don’t have a fridge or microwave or I’m too lazy to walk all the way over there and use them?
  • Other topics I haven’t thought of yet but I’m sure I will eventually


Also the work printer is possessed. It keeps printing like two pages at a time and then stopping and then starting again and I should really go check on it cuz I’m not sure why it’s doing that.


I will proceed to spend some time researching my next post instead of checking on the printer. We’ll see how this voyage goes. Ta-ta for now!




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