Beer for Dinner?

So this week from the mystery dinner theme jar we drew ‘cooked with beer.’  This is especially a challenge since only 1/3 of us actually DRINK beer. I can do lambic beers and shandies and that’s about it. But I do cook with Guiness fairly often and we have a premixed beer bread mix my mom made for Christmas. So that’s a start.

Also we have Anime Mid Atlantic this weekend and we’re leaving Thursday and are having sushi for dinner that day so we only need to eat through Wednesday!

So alot of the recipes I’m seeing right now are either for friend foods or large quantities of meat. Or cheese dip. I like cheese dip but not enough to eat just that for dinner. We never eat large quantities of meat, especially if we only have a few days to eat it. Also Jessi doesn’t eat red meat and that’s been proving a little difficult lately to be diverse and not eat just chicken or fish or shrimp in a week.

Drunken Shrimpies

I like shrimpeeeesssss ~The disembodied head of Robert Mitchum from ‘The Cloak’

I run around trilling that like a crazy person every time we have shrimp and even more so when they’re drunk.

Gonna try this Spicy Beer Shrimp recipe because it doesn’t look too spicy for Jess. It suggests serving with sweet potato or rice but I’m thinking Beer soaked french fries because yes.


Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos with Drunken Beans

Both the chicken and the beans being cooked with beer means BEER OVERLOAD. Tehe I started typing that as ‘bear overload.’ Overload of bears. Rawr. I’m thinking I will cut down the portions on this recipe because we don’t need anywhere near that much. Graham can drink the rest of the beer or it can go in the chicken. I’m also going to cut down the amount of chicken in the chicken recipe because that’s a bit much for just the three of us. We could totally use leftover chicken for lunch tacos but sometimes we suck at packing lunch. I’ve been trying to do better but some days I’m just sooooo lazy.

Back to the tacos tho…. We can top the chicken tacos with queso fresco and some shredded cabbage/lettuce and red onion. Yummoes.

All Things Delicious

So I started off wanting to make a nice all-day sauce that would cook down with zucchini and stuff in it. Then I wanted something that would go with these Beer Caramelized Onions that wasn’t a beer cheese soup. Then I found this Mushroom Gorgonzola Ale Soup and I think that sounds the best. We can serve it over rice maybe with the onions and possibly some chicken or meat thing and feel fancy and hopefully our tongues will feel happy.

Oooorrrr we could use this Pumpkin Beer Cheese Soup with Bacon Popcorn. All things about this sound great. Including the fact that the Bacon is only on the topping so it’s Jessi friendly. She should really start eating bacon. I can’t pick which soup now. Maybe tomorrow when I make the grocery list.


A fellow wordpress user talks about her easy Craft Beer Cupcakes using white cake mix and beer and This might be a thing that happens.


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