My Bucket List

So Adult Lyfe seems to pass sooooooo quickly lately. It’s probably just because I’m doing vaguely the same thing every week and with the exception of things like holidays and special events the days just kind of melt together. And even busy weeks form into a haze of busyness. Also I’ve felt very forgetful lately which is probably from not really exercising my brain in any way except multitasking. So I decided awhile ago that to make sure I don’t get stuck in this haze of part-time work and being an adult that I was going to make a bucket list of things I want to do. Originally it was for a whole year (like school year not fiscal year) but for right now I want to pick 40 things to get done before the end of the fiscal year.  I’m going to assign myself missions video-game style because stuff like that seems to motivate me more than the knowledge that I need to enrich my life. *shakes head* Millenials.

1. Take a Class of some sort

I miss school. Also I miss having friends. I’ve been looking at the non-credit courses at Montgomery College because I live near there now and I’m too poor to afford a credited course. I might be able to afford it if I had changed my residency to Maryland when I moved here, but my car wouldn’t pass inspection in Maryland and I also refuse to commit to being here long term until I find a full time job. But I’m looking at the Fab Lab courses which would give me some things to put on my resume and also be kinda fun and training for my dream job (becoming Tim who is the resident engineer at the Smithsonian Spark!Lab).

I also might see if I can find an Italian or ASL class. Both are things I want to learn and my sister and I are actively pursuing Italian on Duolingo and she’s taking a class at VCU this year and I don’t want to be left behind. Also with Duolingo I feel like I’m only learning to read Italian not speak it.

2. Read 20 Books

I like to read. This is not an unreasonable amount of books assuming the Rockville Library is legit.

3. Take the GRE

I really need to start studying for this. Most of the college deadlines are Januaryish I think (actually maybe later for grad school) but I should get on this anyways

4. Go to a Zombie Crawl

I did the Cary Street Zombie Crawl a couple of years ago with Jessi and Graham and it was loads of fun and I want to go again!

5. Participate in Nanowrimo

When I was younger I made a valiant effort at Nanowrimo and didn’t quite make it. During college we would start and fizzle pretty quickly. But not this year! Coffee and chocochip eggos galore.

6. Take an interesting Yoga class

Like Aerial yoga or something! I keep seeing workshop classes advertised in Rockville and I wanna do it!

7. Make 4 Youtube videos


8. Use my Soldering Iron


9. Make a Loki Helmet


10. Bake a Fancy Christmas Cake


11. Pet a Kiwi

The bird, not the fruit. Although I guess someone from New Zealand will do in a pinch. The Smithsonian Zoo has a time where you can come in super early on certain days and pet a baby kiwi!

12. Start/Finish my Dr. Who Kimono Dress


13. 2 New Cosplays


14. Make A Glow-in-the-Dark Dress/Skirt

Like this fancy shmancy dress from ThinkGeek. I’m poor and not going to buy this but I could make my own!

15. Make Paprikash

I really just like that word >_<

16. Apply to work as Santa’s Elf

I tried to do this my last year of college but applied too late. I think I need to start applying now to make this work.

17. Go to a corn maze

I did a pretty cool Paintball Zombie thing last year but I still want to go to a giant corn maze and wander through it.

18. Finish a Project

I have a brown skirt I’m halfway through sewing, a half dissected laptop, and a whole bunch of aluminum cans hanging out waiting for some attention.

19. Make Apple Wine

I bought the chemicals to make this a couple of years ago and never got around to it. But I’ve made Grape Wine, Blackberry Wine, and Dandelion Wine before so I can add this to my repertoire.

20. Put Together My Synth Kit

that I bought from Spark Fun last year on sale. Bonus: make music with it.

21. Use my Watercolor Pencils more

I’ve played with them for a WTNV picture and a pretty snazzy Jellyfish but I’d like some more underwater creatures.

22. Make an Adafruit project

Similar to the synth kit goal, except I’d like to do more with wearable electronics.

23. Christmas Cross-Stitch

I have dreams of cross-stitching everyone’s Christmas gifts. I probs should start sooner than later.

24. Calligraphy

I used to be decently good at Calligraphy when I was younger (despite my atrocious handwriting). When we went to the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Release we bought some snazzy quills that I would like to use!

25. Make a Christmas Card

Pentatonix Style. With Christmas Sweaters and Body Glitter and Face Paint.

26. Make Fancy Raviolis

I have pinned like nine million pasta recipes since buying a pasta press last year but I’ve only used it twice. I want to make fancy pumpkin or sweet potato raviolis this fall!

27. Visit 3 New Coffee Shops

I love local coffee shops and new places but I keep getting sucked into Starbucks and that needs to stop! There are a couple of bakery/coffee places I have pegged for a visit but I’m sure there are even more in DC that I haven’t stumbled upon yet.

28. Send 7 Picture Postcards

I joined a site called Touchnote during GISHWES this year so I could send Picture Postcards to William Shatner (cuz reasons) and I have 7 cards left on my account that need to be used.

29. Go to Rocky Horror at least once!

I miss going to Rocky Horror and I have no hope of going to see it in DC until the metro starts running past midnight again. And even then it might be pushing it depending how long the intro games run. But I wanna go again! And apparently they’re showing it every weekend of October at the Bow Tie in Richmond.

30. Make Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

I’ve never actually done this-I’ve always used canned pumpkin. But little pumpkins are so cute and I want to eat them!

31. Go Ice Skating

No excuses since the Ice Rink at Rockville Town Center is literally on my way to work this year. All I have to do is wake up and get my butt down there and have fun! I love Ice Skating and wanted to go last year but never quite had the moxie.

32. See Tiffany

That’s always a goal I have every day ever

33. Carve a Pumpkin

Something I do almost every year but didn’t do last year.

34. Learn to (reliably) Make Biscuits from Scratch

I made some bomb pumpkin biscuits last year but there’s a bread curse on my family that causes anything involving yeast to be hit or miss.

35. Go to a Theme Park

I miss rollercoasters. Sadly, Graham doesn’t like them so I have to find another friend to go with me.

36. Pick another book for Book Club

We recently started a Book Club with our Father for the sake of being Good Children. I guess we should keep it going and it will help me to keep reading!

37. Make/Drink Hot Buttered Rum

It just sounds like a good idea

38. Attempt Yeasted Donuts

We’ve only done cake donuts so far but we can bake yeasted donuts as well if we try hard enough I think.

39. Go to a MeetUp

I signed up for a site called MeetUp which is all about meeting Like Minded People but so far I’ve failed to go to a single event. We planned to go to a cannon shooting that my Pirate MeetUp Group talked about but then it rained buckets and was canceled and on the day of the Pirate Festival I got my hours mixed up and had to work .Sad Life.

40. Blog More

I purposefully saved this for the end so I can be stereotypical and cliche. I don’t usually have the time to investigate topics thoroughly enough to blog about them anymore because I don’t sit around in coffee shops anymore. I did remember to come back and finish this one (although I really should be working) and I’d like to keep going with this momentum and do more of this. I still need to fill in details for a couple of these items but thinking of 40 things was a struggle in itself and took a long time.

Will (hopefully) keep you updated!


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