Bucket List #15: Make Paprikash

About half a week ago I accomplished this! I don’t promise I was super authentic because I used chicken breast meat instead of chicken thighs but I was kinda confused about when you’re supposed to take the bones out when you’re using bone-in chicken? If the meat falls off the bones (which it might because it stews for a bit in this recipe) do you fish the bones out? Or does that not happen and you pull the meat off the bones while you eat? Because that seems rather messy with a chicken with this much sauce. So I used breast meat and chopped it into strips and followed this lovely recipe. And it was delicious!


Also during the time I was browsing the internet for that recipe I found a few other Hungarian recipes I thought I’d try out so I also made *drumroll*

Hungarian Cheese Biscuits 

Recipe found here. They are the cutest tiny things ever and they taste kind of like goldfish crackers in biscuit form. I’ve proceeded to snack on them all week for breakfast and dinner.

Gerbeaud Cake

No I can’t pronounce it but it is tasty. This lovely pastry looks kind of like baklava but without all the flaky layers of puff pastry. I don’t promise I didn’t kill the yeast in the dough (I actually think i probably did) but it ended up tasting a bit like a pie crust with all the yummy fillings in it. I also used storebought apricot jam but we can’t all be perfect.


This is for dinner tonight so I don’t actually know how it will turn out yet. Fingers crossed!


I need to get on a roll to finish some more of these goals but I’ve been soooo sleepy lately and on top of that a bit homesick and nostalgic this week so I haven’t gotten the most things done. I will try to do better!


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