Bucket List Take Two

Okay so I finished roughly half of the bucket list items from the last go round but I still think it’s a good idea and I’m willing to keep going with it!

1. Write More

I can start by actually updating and documenting the things I did from the last bucket list. There are a few things I either finished or adapted that I can write about! I maybe even know where the corroborating pictures ended up.

2. Read 30 more books

I’m going to up this one because I love to read and also I have quite a bit of downtime which would probably be better spent reading than playing on my phone and scrolling Facebook. I can start with Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman which I grabbed from 2nd and Charles a month or so ago and I can finish the Nightvale book. I’d like to buy the next Anne Bishop series since I can’t stop reading the ones I have but I’m pretty broke right now.

3. Take a Yoga Class or Two

I still want to take an aerial class or find a regular class to go to so I’m going to keep working on this. Maybe there will be one near North Potomac if they keep scheduling me down there instead of my other work location and I could go after work. We’ll see.

4. Use My Soldering Iron

We do in fact have solder so now I have no excuse. I need to keep working on relevant engineering skills and projects and not give up on my life goals

5. Pi Day Art Project

Last year Jessi and I created pi day art using wooden circles. Jessi did a sort of paint by numbers and I created a nail-string art masterpiece. This year I’d like to do something else cool. I was trying to figure out if there was some really cool display I could set up for the pi number chain for mathnasium but haven’t figured out a plausible practical exhibit yet.

6. Create a Light-up cosplay

There has to be at least one super cool light up cosplay I can create that’s not from Tron.

7. Go to New York

I haven’t been on vacation in entirely too long other than coming home and hanging out with people. I really want to go back to New York with either Jessi or Tiffany or some other friend and I think I could make it happen for a reasonable amount of money. If I plan well I can even eat all the delicious food things I wanted to when I was trying to plan this trip as a weekend for me and Jessi’s gaia wedding anniversary.

8. Repurpose my old jeans

I have 2 pairs of godawful expensive rockin republic jeans which have holes in the thigh region now. I haven’t thrown either pair away because I’m convinced I can repurpose them into a cool pair of punk pants like these:

Unique Trendy Punk Gothic Clothing Skirts Pants Shorts Mens Womens:

My main concern is that the tears are too high up and would cause the pants legs to roll and insert themselves into my thigh-crotch seam region. If this happens to be the case I can still save the legs and try a look like this one

Gothic Punk Clothing | Unique Trendy Punk Gothic Clothing Skirts Pants Shorts Mens Womens SKU ...:

I’d love to dress more punk ^_^.

9. Go Hiking

Maybe not a real hiking trail so much as a fun themed walk or a scavenger hunt type of thing since I’m not big on climbing mountains and I tend to lose my breath.

10. Go to a New Con

Maybe this will happen and maybe it won’t. I did Cosplayfest for new years so that was new and fun and I’d like to do at least one more new one! I wish the steampunk conventions came closer to our area.

11. Finish/start my Dr. Who Kimono

This was on my last bucket list as well. One day I’ll actually do this.

12. Make a Loki Helmet


I’m going to follow the suggestions on this blog for making my very own Loki helmet for next time I dress up as Loki. It needs to be done when I can actually leave things outside without them freezing or melting so this one will need to wait for spring.

13. Make a Glow in the dark Dress/Skirt


Like this fancy shmancy dress from Think Geek.

14. Put Together my Synth Kit

that I bought from Spark fun like a million years ago.

15. Make a song

I really want to learn how to make music and I got a cool music editing software thing for christmas this year as well as my keyboard from last year that I still need to learn how to play.

16. Make more art

I think last year my resolution was to make one project a week. I either made art or baked some sort of food each week for the first few weeks and then I kind of fell off that wagon. But I do want to paint more and learn different art techniques and be more creative overall.

17. Visit 3 New Restaraunts

I love food.

18. Visit a New Museum

Not hard since I live near D.C. and there are like a million museums there.

19. Send Valentine’s Cards

I won’t go through as much of an ordeal as I did with Christmas Cards (I’m still sending them out atm) but I like sending out card and I think if I start sooner than later I’ll actually get V-Day cards out this year.

20. Make a New Cosplay

I still need to finish Maz and I kind of want to make a Yang from RWBY costume if Jessi wants to be Ruby.

21. Make the button holder clippy things

I have these really fun clip-on straps that came from a Tripp skirt from awhile ago that I used to use as a way to display all of the cool button pins I’ve acquired. I lost those but I’d like to make more since I get pins from anime conventions now.

22. Cook a whole crab

Maybe I’ll use this cool indian recipe and also have an excuse to buy curry leaves and stuff. I feel like I’ll make alot of weird sounds I’m sure but I think it would be fun.

23. Take a Class

Even if I don’t manage to take a legit class maybe I’ll be able to do one of Brit.Cos online classes or something.

24. Keep making bread things

Pretzels, biscuits, and loaves of bread. My enemies in the kitchen. I will conquer them.

25. Make Resin Jewelry

From Jan/Feb 2013 Cloth Paper Scissors, but check out new book by Heidi Boyd - Exploring Resin Jewelry    Use ICE resin or Little Windows resin is  recommendation - easy to use low odor formulas. Protect porous inclusions with sealer (Mod Podge works):

Sprinkles Resin Bangles – Oh My! OK I want to do this but I need more info on how to pour the resin well:

Resin Real Fruit Jewelry- Detailed tutorial about a DIY dehydrated fruit necklace pendant! This would make an AMAZING end of the year teacher present! Sells the necklaces on her etsy site too:

Just a few examples of really cool resin jewelry I could try. I also want to try to make the bangles with the pencils inside using the mathnasium pencils

26. Learn about crystal healing

I really want to learn this for reasons

27. Make perfume

I really want to try to learn how to make the Pi perfume I got from Sephora-just maybe a little more feminine since that’s technically a man’s scent. However I need to start collection the essential oils since there are quite a few.

28. Keep Using Sneaky Cards

I bought Sneaky Cards at AMA last summer and haven’t touched them since then. I need to get on that.

29. Visit Baltimore

I’ll have to since Liz is getting a job there but I want to go do fun things alot!

30. Bake something magical


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