Food Must Be Made

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a menu online. It’s also been awhile since I’ve made a menu and actually stuck with it. Over a month ago I had my wisdom teeth removed and since then I’ve been a bit lazy in the kitchen. On the one hand I want to cook. On the other I want to lay around and eat soup dumplings and pet the puppy. First world problems amirite?

So this week we’re going to try to NOT be lazy and so here I am once again laying out a beautiful weekly menu!


One thing I could definitely cut back on is trips to Starbucks. I do want to stop by Peets this week and try their honey macchiato so I think I’m going to try to make more coffee at home and buy less. I also need to get a straw for my to-go cup so I can make iced macchiatos at home.

The Metro I haven’t found a true recipe for this and I’m not always a fan of sparkling water but it seems simple and I’d like to try it.

Mexican Iced Mocha This is a cold brew recipe so I can prep ahead for a few days which will be nice. I like not having to put too much effort into my coffee because really, how does one have enough energy to make coffee before drinking coffee?


Bourbon Beef Noodle Soup It’s currently freezing outside (which means nothing since the weather has been super bipolar lately) but I think a nice noodle soup sounds like a great plan. And any excuse to buy alcohol is even better. I bet I can find a good bourbon drink to go with this too ^_^.

Asparagus with Miso Butter and fish (whatever we have in the freezer). Looks classy and delicious and uses something in season.

Cashew Butter Paneer I absolutely love indian food and love that we can buy paneer now. We have some leftover from this weekend feeding the child-sister so I called dibs on making this.

Some Salad that contains Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa We should try to be healthy. We really should. So here’s to that.


Persimmon Amaretto Sour if we feel like buying amaretto

Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail if we don’t


Pink Lemonade Pie In honor of Pi Day on Tuesday! I picked an easy one since  I won’t have alot of time between grocery store and pi day with work and stuff


Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal also in honor of Pi Day

Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats


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