Lettuce Eat

So this week is salad week! Every meal with include some sort of salad-y thing (maybe) or at least a bunch of vegetables. Guacamole is a salad right?



Banana Pudding


Blueberry Breakfast Cookies

Peanut Butter Espresso Smoothie


Apple Cheddar Bacon Salad

Seaweed Salad w/ squid and maybe rice and miso soup?



Lemon and Chicken Orzo Salad w/ spinach added

Chicken Quesadillas with guac

Thai Peanut Chicken Zoodles




Tuesday: quesadillas w/ guac. Cook bacon for lunch for tomorrow

Wednesday: Apple Cheddar salad for lunch. Orzo salad for dinner.

Thursday: Make Breakfast Cookies! Go Swimming! Prep lunch for friday! Also snacks!

Thai Zoodles for dinner.

Friday: Apples and Peanut Butter Yogurt for Breakfast/Snack.

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